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The "Original" Texas Power Bar

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The "Original" Texas Power Bar

The Original Texas Power Bar is a top quality, full-size, full-knurled, solid steel barbell perfect for home workouts. This bar is constructed with stellar craftsmanship, composed of a special blend of high quality steel and heavy-duty materials throughout the entire frame. This combination of craftsmanship and quality provide a barbell that's both incredibly durable and corrosion resistant, so it can be used and stored for years to come. The bar has a 28.5mm grip diameter and 50mm sleeve design, making it ideal for medium grip lifts like the squat and deadlift. It also has multiple grip choices, providing the user with more environmental control during heavy lifts. The Original Texas Power Bar is designed with collars that allow the user to tighten and secure plates onto the barbell. For added protection, the bar is coated with a bright, silver zinc finish to prevent rust and serve as a stylish look. The Original Texas Power Bar is more than just an ordinary barbell. It's one of the highest quality, American-made barbells on the market, giving you the necessary tools to get the most out of your home workouts. Whether you're a serious lifter or just getting into fitness, this bar is a must-have for any home gym.

  • Bare Steel / Chrome

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  • Bare Steel / Bare Steel

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  • Black Zinc / Chrome

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  • Black Zinc / Bare Steel

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  • Chrome / Chrome

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Pros & Cons


• Made in the USA

• Uses Texas-crafted grains and whole oats

• All-natural ingredients

• High in fiber and protein

• Contains essential vitamins and minerals

• Kosher-certified

• Low sugar content

• Great taste


• Expensive compared to other power bars

• Lots of added sugars and sodium

• High calories per serving

• Contains artificial flavors

Who Should Buy

Reasons for Who Should Buy:

• High-quality ingredients, low sugar

• 30g protein per bar

• No artificial preservatives or additives

• Low-FODMAP certified

• Gluten-free

• Vegan friendly

Reasons for Who Should Not Buy:

• Prefer sweeter tasting snacks

• Allergic to any ingredients in the products

• Looking for a product with high carbohydrate content

• Not suitable for low carb/ketogenic diets

• Prefer other types of bars


• Made of solid steel

• 28mm diameter with an aggressive knurling pattern

• Weight capacity of 1,500 lbs

• Texas Star design collars

• Black Oxide finish

• Lifetime warranty

ProductPriceWeightBar LengthKnurl PatternCenter Knurl
Texas Power Bar$235.0045 lbs85.75 inNoNo
American Barbell Training Bar$345.0045 lbs86.37 inAggressiveYes
Fringe Sport Wonder Bar$265.0044 lbs86.50 inSmooth/AggressiveYes
X Training Equipment Olympic Bar$209.0045 lbs86 inDiamond KnurlingYes
Rep Abstract Bumper Bar$238.0045 lbs86 inAggressively KnurledNo

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