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14' Wall Mount Rig

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14' Wall Mount Rig

The 14 Wall Mount Rig from Wright Equipment is an adaptable and versatile piece of exercise equipment. It’s made of heavy-duty steel that’s durable and can handle intense workouts. This rig has a height of 7 ft (2.1 m) and a width of 8 ft (2.4 m). It’s also adjustable so it can handle fitness workouts of various intensities and body types. The rig has 14 mounting stations, including two pairs of squat racks, two pull-up bars, two multi-grip chin bars, a horizontal bar, two dip bars, and four wall-mounted Olympic-sized plate holders. This ensures a wide range of exercises for a comprehensive and intense workout. The wall-mounted Olympic plate holders have laser-cut slots that provide secure storage for Olympic-sized weight plates. All of the mounting stations are lined with interlocking rubber mats to ensure your workout is comfortable, safe and secure. Plus, the rig is easy to assemble, requiring no additional tools. This rig is perfect for home gym owners or commercial gyms looking to provide their customers with an intense and adaptable workout. It’s a great way to get a full-body workout as it allows you to perform a wide range of exercises. Plus, it’s well-made and designed for years of performance.

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to install wall mount rig with customisable post heights

• Heavy gauge steel Construction provides stability and durability

• Modular design allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration

• Versatile for a range of fitness activities


• Expensive compared to other rigs on the market

• Lack of variety in add-on attachments and accessories

• Large footprint with a bulky design may be difficult to fit into small workout spaces

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Easy installation

- Compact design

- Versatile - can be used for a variety of exercises

- Durable construction with high quality materials

Should Not Buy:

- Expensive compared to similar rigs

- Not suitable for large strength training spaces

- Not ideal for Olympic lifting


-14 foot long

-Wall Mounted design

-7-gauge steel frame

-3/4 inch Westside hole pattern

-Optional extra long pull-up bars

-High density urethane j-cups

-Up to 1000 lb weight capacity

-Customizeable Upright lengths (6'-13' options)

-Heavy duty band peg system

Pull Up Bar HeightMax Capacity
Pull Up Bar HeightMax Capacity
11.5'1400 lbs
8'600 lbs
14'600 lbs

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