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40' Battling Rope

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40' Battling Rope

Wright Equipment's 40 feet battle rope offers a top-of-the-line, fully-loaded training tool for serious athletes looking to reach their peak performance. The thick PVC sleeve protects the rope from wear and tear, making it highly durable and built to last even in the toughest workout conditions. The eye-catching black and grey color scheme is both stylish and easy to clean. The rope is made from heavy-duty, training-grade manila hemp, which is heavily weather-resistant and highly resilient. The rope is strong enough to bear high intensity exercises, yet still flexible enough for a variety of conditioning drills. It also offers a secure cutting-edge grip, so workouts don't have to be limited to climbing and swinging. The 40 feet battle rope is sure to add an intense full-body workout to any athlete's training routine, helping them become stronger, more powerful, and more agile.


Pros & Cons


• Durable 3-strand design that resists wear and tear

• Heavy-duty, nylon-wrapped, and polypropylene-sheathed for extra protection

• feet in length allows for multiple workouts

• Can be used for interval training, strengthening, and conditioning


• May be too heavy for some users

• Requires a large space to use due to its length

• More expensive than traditional ropes

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- People who want a challenging and full body workout

- People who want to work out within the privacy of their own home

- People who already own Wright equipment and want to supplement their existing equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

- People who are on a tight budget

- People who do not have enough space to store the product

- People who lack the physical ability to engage with the product safely


-Dimensions: 40’Long x 1.5”Wide

-Material: Poly Dacron

-Load Capacity: 5500 lbs.

-Weight: 36 lbs.

-Handle Design: Over-Molded Grip

-Colors: Black/White/Grey

Rope LengthDurability

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