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Ab Mat

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Ab Mat

The AB Assist Pads from Wright Equipment are designed to provide an extra layer of support during weight training, making it easier and safer to perform exercises and reduce the risk of injury. The pads are made from a heavy-duty, shock-absorbent rubber material, allowing them to act as a cushion while supporting the knees or elbows, aiding in the stabilization of the joints and muscles. The pads are 17.5”x 8.25” and fit securely around both the elbows and knees, making them suitable for a wide range of users. The ease of use and adjustable fit, combined with the superior thickness and durable design of the pads, make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for an extra layer of support for an intense workout session. While the pads provide great value for the price, it should be noted that these are not recommended for those unfamiliar with using a foam pad for exercise and should not be used as a cushion for drops from a high level.

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Pros & Cons


• Versatile design for a variety of exercises

• Very portable

• Easy to set up and take down

• Non-slip textured surface

• Lightweight and durable


• Limited color options

• Limited sizes available

• Relief will be small for taller users

• Prices may be higher than other brands

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Anyone looking to lighten the load on exercises such as squats, lunges, and push-ups

-Anyone looking to increase the intensity of their workouts

-Anyone needing a more stable footing for bodyweight exercises

Who Should Not Buy:

-Anyone whose main goal is to build muscle

-Anyone looking for a total body workout


• 4.5” thick dual layer, high-density, flame-resistant foam

• Nonslip rubber bottom to keep it in place

• Measures 20” x 9”

• Lightweight and portable, perfect for home or gym workouts

• Designed to help you reach deeper abdominal muscles

• Tough, high-grade vinyl covers that are easy to clean

• Maximum weight limit of 250 pounds

• Extra strong steel spur rivets that attach mat to cover

ProductWeight LimitSizePrice
Wright Ab Mat250 lbs17"l x 12"w x 4"h$49.99
Perfect Fitness Ab Mat250 lbs25”l x 12.5”w x 4”h$29.99
Tone Fitness Exercise Mat220 lbs14"l x 9"w x 2"h$19.99
Iron Core Fitness Abdominal Mat250 lbs17"l x 14"w x 2.5"h$29.99

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