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Alpha Plate

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Alpha Plate

-carrier The Alpha Plate Carrier from Wright Equipment is an innovative, lightweight piece of tactical equipment that is designed to provide superior protection and maneuverability. It is built with durable 1000 Cordura fabric, designed to be 100% waterproof while providing superior protection against punctures, abrasions, and tears. The Alpha Plate Carrier features a low profile design with ergonomic harness system and adjustable cummerbund to fit securely around the operator’s torso for maximum protection coverage. The internal construction includes removable, tensioned D30 armor plates which offer additional impact protection, making this a great option for those in need of protection from low-level ballistic threats. The four point emergency opening system allows for rapid donning and doffing, essential for rapid response situations. It also includes a 3D spacer mesh liner for enhanced breathability and cooling, as well as an integrated admin pouch for essential supplies such as documents, maps and radios. All these features combined make the Alpha Plate Carrier a reliable and efficient armor solution for any tactical situation.

  • 15LB

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  • 25LB

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  • 45LB

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  • 85LB SET (1x15 . 1x25 . 1x45)

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to use and store

• Simple, robust design

• Steel Construction for quality and durability

• Can be used to perform various exercises

• Variety of sizes to choose from


• Costly compared to other brands

• Can be difficult to transport

• Not suitable for more advanced workouts

• Not ideal for home use

Who Should Buy

Should Buy

• Water-resistant and weather resistant

• Scratch-proof recycled polyester material

• Made with advanced thermo-formed technology

• Ideal for gym, home gyms, and commercial fitness facilities

Should Not Buy

• Those looking for a more affordable plate

• Those not wanting to commit to a re-placement plan

• Those not looking for a polyester or thermo-formed plate


-Weight Range: 10 to 90 lbs (adjustable in 5-lb increments)

-Color: Black Frame

-Dimensions: 81" x 72" x 41"

-Weight: 265 lbs

-Ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip and sturdiness

-High-strength steel construction

- Professional grade pull-pin for adjusting weight stack and noise reduction

-V-groove pulleys for smoother movement

-Two tension bands for over 90 exercises available

-Strap-on feet for floor stability and protection

ProductPriceWeightMotor PowerSpeed Range
Wright Alpha Plate$2,299199 lbs4 HP0-12 mph
Peloton Tread$3,295247 lbs2.9 HP0-12.5mph
Life Fitness Platinum Treadmill$3,199293 lbs4.25 Hp0-12mph
NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill$799258 lbs2.6 HP0-10 mph
2,999312 lbs4.0 HP

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