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D-Pro 35 LB Slam Ball

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D-Pro 35 LB Slam Ball

/ The D-Pro 30 lb Slam Ball from Wright Equipment offers a durable and reliable tool for a variety of exercises. This soft, rubber hard-shell ball features a unique, textured surface to prevent slipping and sliding in the hands, making it ideal for any type of impact exercise including squats, lunges, and slams. The bright colors make it easy to differentiate between each of the weights. The exterior is built to withstand tough workouts and repeated slamming on any surface, while the interior is filled with sand to keep the weight evenly distributed. Perfect for any home gym setup or group fitness class, the D-Pro 30 lb Slam Ball is sure to help you get the most out of your workouts.


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Pros & Cons


• Highly durable Construction – made with high quality materials

• Easy to maintain and clean

• Sweat-resistant, non-slip surface

• lbs of weight is ideal for a variety of exercises

• Textured surface is ideal for grip

• Brightly colored for visual appeal


• More expensive than similar products on the market

• Must be filled with sand or other material for weight

• Not suitable for all types of exercises

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable construction will stand up to heavy use

• 30 LB weight is perfect for strenuous cardio workouts

• Comfortable grip and easy to throw

• Soft shell is easier on your joints

• Ideal for gyms, schools, sports teams

• Multiple colors to choose from

Should Not Buy:

• Not designed for wall slams or bounce slams

• Can be too heavy for some users

• Not great for beginners


- Color: Black

- Weight: 35 lbs

- Material: Natural Rubber

- Dimensions: 10" (Diameter)

- Durable single-piece construction

- 2-year warranty


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