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High Density Foam Roller 36"

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High Density Foam Roller 36"

The High Density Foam Roller from Wright Equipment is designed to provide users with a quality and durable foam roller they can use to help them practice better posture, injury prevention, and flexibility. It’s built with firm multi-layered foam construction, allowing users to experience a comfortable and deeper massage than other foam rollers. As a result, users can expect better results in terms of greater range of motion, improved circulation, and improved posture. The roller’s stability is further improved by its unique textured pattern and core, allowing users to target specific muscle groups while they use the roller. Additionally, its non-slip design is excellent stocking—keeping users safe and secure and providing them with better control as they use it. Its lightweight and compact design makes it an ideal choice for people who are on the go or who have limited spaces. It also comes with a drawstring carry bag, making it easy for users to take and store the roller wherever they go. Overall, the High Density Foam Roller from Wright Equipment is ideal for those seeking a reliable and effective foam roller that can help them with flexibility and posture.


Pros & Cons


• High-density foam material for superior strength

• Textured surface to help reduce muscle soreness and tightness

• Round shape that makes it easy to use

• Lightweight Construction allows for easy transport

• Strengthens and tones core muscles

• Can be used as an effective massage tool

• Great for adding extra support for stretching exercises


• May be more expensive than other foam rollers

• Textured surface may cause irritation for more sensitive skin

• Some users may find the high-density material too hard to use

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

- Individuals looking to increase core strength

- Individuals with chronic muscle pain

- Athletes looking to improve their performance

- People looking for an affordable and lightweight fitness solution

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

- People without reliable access to fitness equipment in their area

- People without a strong understanding of how to safely and effectively use a foam roller

- People with severe balance issues, as using a foam roller may not be stable and/or safe


-High density foam roller

-36" long

-2" diameter

-Textured surface

-Lightweight and durable design

-Protects floor materials from damage

Wright High Density Foam Roller 36"Medium-FirmHigh1.42lbs$30.00
TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Tubing with HandlesSoftLow3.20lbs$11.60
REEHUT High-Density Foam RollerMedium-FirmHigh1.75lbs$14.50
Thin Foam RollerSoftMedium1.00lbs$14.99
XPE Soft Foam RollerSoftHigh1.67lbs$15.99

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