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Wright Econ Bumper Plates

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Wright Econ Bumper Plates

The Import Bumper Plates from Wright Equipment are an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts and CrossFit athletes who need durable, reliable plates for weight lifting. These high-performance plates are made from Industrial-grade, professional-grade impact-resistant rubber and are specially designed for high-end Olympic Barbells, making them suitable for a variety of training exercises including squats, snatches, cleans, and jerks. The plates feature precision-cast iron inners and a dense rubber composite that can handle extreme weightlifting activities without cracking or breaking, making them a great choice for experienced users. The plates are designed with tapered edges to make them easier to maneuver and to avoid damage to barbells and weights. The plates have a uniform tight fit, allowing for efficient balance and movement, as well as arched centers to keep the weights from sliding off, which provides extra security and stability. With a hole of 50.5mm, the plates are widely compatible with standard Olympic Barbells, making them a versatile tool for any gym. The plates come in a variety of weights, ranging in sizes from 10lbs to 45lbs, so users can find the right size no matter their fitness level. The convenient handles make it easier to pick the plates up, and the bumper plates feature color-coding, making it easy to determine the weight of each plate. In addition to being low-odor, the plates are odorless, so they won’t cause any unpleasant smells in a gym or workout space.

  • 10LB (Pair)

    12% off • In Stock



  • 15LB (Pair)

    In Stock



  • 25LB (Pair)

    In Stock



  • 35LB (Pair)

    In Stock



  • 45LB (Pair)

    Out of Stock



  • 55LB (Pair)

    In Stock



  • 160LB Set (2x10, 2x25, & 2x45)

    6% off • Out of Stock



  • 230LB Set (2x10, 2x25, 2x35, & 2x45)

    5% off • Out of Stock



  • 260LB Set (2x10, 2x15, 2x25, 2x35, & 2x45)

    10% off • Out of Stock



  • 500LB Set (4x10, 4x25, & 8x45)

    7% off • Out of Stock



  • 1000LB Set (6x10, 4x15, 8x25, 4x35, & 12x45)

    32% off • Out of Stock



  • 2500LB Set (Your Choice of Plates)

    35% off • Out of Stock



Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty rubber composition for added durability

• Wide fit so the plates don't slide off the bar

• Can withstand high drops and heavy usage without cracking

• Ideal for CrossFit and Olympic workouts

• Variety of colors for easy visibility

• Designed for maximum grip and traction


• Slightly more expensive than other types of plates

• Some color shades may be much darker than the online pictures

• Can produce a strong odor when used for the first few times

• Require standard Olympic barbells for proper use

Who Should Buy


Why You Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

- High-quality, commercial-grade construction

- Designed to withstand heavy-duty use

- Optimized weight accuracy within 1-2 percent, ensuring precise measurements for all lifts

- Moulded steel centre ring allows for optimum performance and durability

- Compact design fits easily into any home gym

Why You Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

- Not suitable for users on low budgets

- Not designed for dynamic movements such as Olympic lifts

- Relatively high cost when compared to other home gym products


-Solid rubber & steel core

-Crack & chip-resistant

-Shore hardeness: 80

-Diameter: 450 mm

-Plate width: 50 mm

-Weight tolerance: +/- 1% of claimed weight

-Engraved characters up to 5cm

-Colors: Black/grey

Weight RangeDurometerPrice
10 lbs to 45 lbs88$$$
10 lbs to 35 lbs88.3$$
10 lbs to 55 lbs90$
10 lbs to 25 lbs88.3$$$$
Weight RangeDurometerPrice
10 lbs to 55 lbs88.3$$
10 lbs to 45 lbs88$$$
10 lbs to 35 lbs88.3$$
10 lbs to 55 lbs90$
10 lbs to 25 lbs88.3$$$$

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