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Mil-Spec Trap Bar

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Mil-Spec Trap Bar

The Mil-Spec Trap Bar from Wright Equipment allows you to perform Olympic-style lifts in an effective and efficient manner. Constructed with a sturdy steel frame, coated with a powder-coated finish, and featuring stainless steel sleeves, this trap bar is designed to stand up to the heavy loads placed on it during lifting. It has a medium handle spacing and textured grips, allowing you to maintain a secure hold while lifting. The weight distributing sleeves on both ends of the bar allow you to effectively use the bar for Olympic-style lifts such as deadlifts and shrugs. The 7’ long Olympic-style bar also features two sets of collars, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the weight you’re lifting. This versatile bar is ideal for both gym and home use and will provide a safe and effective way to perform Olympic-style lifts.


Pros & Cons


• Made with mil grade steel for maximum durability

• Unique angled design allows for maximum range of motion

• Ideal for deadlifts, shrugs, farmer’s walks, carries, and other movements

• Designed to lighten the load on the lower back

• Knurled handles with chrome coating provide greater grip and stability

• Self-locking collars ensure weight plates stay in place

• Built to exceed 2,000 pounds in weight capacity


• High price point

• Heavy at 85 lbs.

• Non-adjustable handle width may not accommodate different body sizes

• No padding or cushioning on the handles

• No built-in storage for weight plates

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High-quality trap bar built to standard military specifications

• Offers reliable durability with its solid steel construction

• Features a number of grip options for increased customization

• Includes optional customization with various powder coat finish options

Should Not Buy:

• Price may be too high for recreational training

• May be too heavy for some to maneuver and use effectively

• Limited availability – may have difficulty finding in some areas


-Hexagonal shape for easier maneuverability and technique cues

-55 lbs in weight

-Rubber handles with knurled surface for a secure grip

-Extra-thick sleeves for heavier lifting with Olympic plates

-28 mm diameter steel handle

-Designed for shrugs, deadlifts, bent-over rows, and farmer's walks

-Black oxide finish with a glossy finish

**Product****Length****Weight Capacity****Weight****Grip Style****Price**
**Wright Mil-Spec Trap Bar**6.3 Feet1000 lbs20 lbsRevolving Grips$245
Titan Combo Trap Bar7 Feet1000 lbs40.5 lbsKnurled$122.95
Titan Multi-Grip Trap Bar7 Feet800 lbs47.5 lbsMixed Knurled$121.95
Barbell Company Trap Bar6 Feet500 lbs25 lbsKnurled$135

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