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Octane Q37xi

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Octane Q37xi

-trainer The Octane Q37 Xi Elliptical Trainer from Wright Equipment is a comprehensive piece of workout equipment that caters to a wide range of fitness levels and goals. This fully featured machine features a low impact design, making it suitable for those with joint pain or joint sensitivity, as well as older users who need a comfortable and effortless way to exercise. It also boasts an ergonomic stride length of 20 inches, providing a full range of motion to work different muscle groups. The Octane Q37 Xi Elliptical Trainer also offers plenty of workout diversity. It has 25 preset programs with 30 levels of resistance, allowing the user to personalize the workout to meet their specific needs. Additionally, this machine has the ability to save four custom programs, complete with personal resistance and ramp settings tailored to the user's workout goals. To make the session even more enjoyable, the Octane Q37 Xi Elliptical Trainer is compatible with the XRW Wireless Music System for an immersive workout experience. On top of this, the stride drive system ensures smooth, quiet operation as the user moves through their routine. Meanwhile, the contact heart rate monitoring, metabolic rate monitor, and one-touch programming make this elliptical trainer easy to understand and use. Ultimately, the Octane Q37 Xi Elliptical Trainer is built for fitness enthusiasts looking for a comfortable and efficient workout experience.


Pros & Cons


• Comfortable - Oversized foot pedals and front drive design make exercise comfortable.

• Adjustable - Legs, stride length, and handlebars are all adjustable.

• Silent - Wear-resistant belt drive delivers a smooth and silent ride.

• Durable - Builder-in triple-cell frame Construction and commercial-grade steel base make this elliptical machine extremely reliable and long-lasting.

• Versatile - Includes 12 workout programs and a full console with LED display to track performance.


• Expensive - High-end product with a steep price tag.

• Heavy - This machine weighs in at 220 pounds, making it difficult to move.

• No LCD - Although there is an LED display, it lacks the resolution and clarity of an LCD screen.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Those looking for a well-built, commercial-grade elliptical

-Those who need a machine for intense workouts or a frequent use

-Those who don't have a lot of free floor space for their equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

-Those looking for a budget elliptical

-Those who don't need an ultra-stable and heavy-duty elliptical machine

-Those who need folding or portable equipment


• Dimensions: 62" L x 32" W x 58" H

• Weight: 384 lbs (174 kg)

• Maximum user capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)

• Interactive touch screen: 10.1" HD touch screen display with IOS and Android compatibility

• Programs: 15 workout programs

• Resistance levels: 20 levels of resistance

• Ergonomic design: Adjustable stride, handlebars, and incline

• Workout tracking: Bluetooth connectivity with unlimited online access

• Warranty: 1-year parts and 1-year labor

Wright Octane Q37xiCybex 530TOctane Pro 4700EFX 546True PS300
Max User Weight500 lbs400 lbs350 lbs350 lbs
Stride Length20" - 22"20" - 23"18" - 22"18" - 22"
Resistance Levels26242416
HRC Heart RateDual-GripDual-GripGripWireless
Weighted Flywheel30 lbs30 lbs32.5 lbs22 lbs

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