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Portable Landmine

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Portable Landmine

Wright Equipment's Portable Landmine is a durable and reliable device designed to provide a secure border and potentially deter landmines remotely. Constructed with an all-weather construction, it is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and temperatures, ensuring a reliable and secure barrier when deployed. Additionally, the Portable Landmine boasts a wide range of features, including an adjustable and digital range of motion, allowing it to detect and identify tens of thousands of landmine types and adequately program the settings to allow for easy adjustment and reprogramming. Additionally, the Portable Landmine's automated, low-energy sensing technology delivers enhanced detection capabilities for a wide range of landmines. Its built-in control system is specifically designed to detect and identify landmine types and also provide remote operation capabilities, allowing personnel to make instant adjustments from a distance. This highly functional device is an invaluable asset for ensuring secure borders and protecting personnel from potential dangers.


Pros & Cons


• Portable and lightweight

• Precise weight settings

• Easily adjustable handle

• Comfortable grip

• One-pass assembly


• May be difficult to transport if a vehicle is not available

• Expensive option

• Limited range of adjustment settings

Who Should Buy


Who should buy this Portable Landmine:

-A great home gym product for bodyweight/cardio exercises

-Can be attached to any barbell or power rack

-Portable and easy to use

-Features a 360 degree swiveling head to specifically target different muscle groups

-Exercises can be done with or without weights

Who should not buy this Portable Landmine:

-Those living in very small apartments

-Anyone expecting to do heavy weight lifting exercises

-Someone who cannot afford the cost of the product

-Someone who is not interested in bodyweight exercises


-Ideal for full-body rotational power workouts

-Maximize training time-do more in less time

-Compatible with all Olympic bars and fitness bars up to 1.31” in diameter

-Heavy-duty steel construction with grey finish

-Steel reinforced tension knob

-Dual sleeve design allows for weight plate loading on both sides

-6 force directions for targeted muscle group training

-360° rotational range

-Steel mounting hardware included

-Women approved weight neutral design

-Easy setup and takedown for athletes on the go

-Dimensions: 9.5" x 7.5" x 5"

-Product Weight: 5.40 lbs.

Wright Portable Landmine14 kg90 x120 cm$482
Mini Landmine Tripwire Detector1.2 kg34x20 cm$450
Landmine Detector Tripwire System3.5 kg45x20 cm$595
Ion Technologies Detector0.9 kg32x14 cm$498

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