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Precision Steel Dumbbells

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Precision Steel Dumbbells

Wright Equipment precision steel dumbbells offer a range of weight increments from 0.5 to 72.5 pounds, allowing for precise weight management for workouts with a wide range of intensities. The stainless steel construction is highly durable and offers a sleek, ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. Its steel encasement is crayon-resistant and the fixed designs help protect against the wear and tear of use, while the chrome-plated finish enhances their look and feel while maintaining a good grip. The dumbbells are made out of a one-piece cast construction, which also reduces the risk of breakage and rusting. The end of each dumbbell has several built-in safety ridges and a knurled handle to help keep the user’s hand in the correct position. There’s no need to constantly adjust the dumbbell thanks to its customizable weight increments, which allow for gradual increases in the intensity of your workouts. The added bonus is that not only are the dumbbells durable, but they also capture a minimal amount of noise when making contact, making them ideal for both home and gym setups. In addition to its precision engineering, Wright Equipment also offers a 12-month limited warranty for peace of mind. With the high-quality construction, stylish design and optimal durability, precision steel dumbbells from Wright Equipment make a great addition to any home or gym.

  • 5LB

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  • 10LB

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  • 15LB

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  • 20LB

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  • 25LB

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  • 30LB

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  • 35LB

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  • 40LB

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  • 45LB

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  • 50LB

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  • 55LB

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  • 60LB

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  • 65LB

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  • 70LB

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  • 75LB

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  • 80LB

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  • 85LB

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  • 90LB

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  • 95LB

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  • 100LB

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  • 5LB-50LB SET

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  • 55LB-100LB SET

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Pros & Cons


• Constructed of solid cold-rolled steel for maximum durability and longevity

• Steel handles feature hard chrome plated finish for improved grip and rust resistance

• All weights are laser etched so they never need re-numbering

• Warranty and money-back guarantee


• Limited range of weights from 2-22 lbs.

• More expensive than other brands and types of dumbbells

• Heavy and may be cumbersome for certain exercises

Who Should Buy

Should Purchase:

• High quality construction - Wright Equipment precision steel dumbbells are strong and durable.

• Wide range of weights - Includes three, five, ten, and fifteen pound sets.

• Versatile - Suitable for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want a challenging workout.

• Affordable - Prices start at just $39.99.

Should Not Purchase:

• Not ideal for high-volume lifting - These dumbbells are better suited for lighter weights.

• Not adjustable - Sets come with fixed-weight plates.

• Not ideal for home gyms - Weighing up to 15 pounds, these dumbbells may be a bit bulky for some home gyms.


- Professional-grade construction

- Ergonomically contoured handle for easy gripping

- Steel heads with durable baked enamel coating

- Corrugated rubberized handle for slip-proof lifting

- Accurate weight alignment to ensure even balance

- Weight options from 2 to 40 pounds

- Sets come in an interlocking storage tray for easy stacking

Product/SpecWright Precision Steel DumbbellsProduct #1Product #2Product #3
Weight Range5-50 lbs5-50 lbs5-10 lbs10-30 lbs
MaterialHigh quality steelIronCast IronPlastic
FinishPowder-coated finishChromeChromeSandpaper
Knurled GripYesNoYesNo
WarrantyLifetime2 Years2 Years1 Year

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