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Wooden Gymnastic Rings

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Wooden Gymnastic Rings

Wright Equipment's Wooden Gymnastic Rings offer athletes of all levels an excellent full-body workout. Made of durable hardwood, these rings are designed to provide stability, comfort, and safety during workouts. The rings come with two types of adjustable straps made of webbing for easy setup. The straps feature high-quality carabiners for easy connection to walls and ceilings. The range of motion offered by the rings targets muscles in the shoulders, back, chest, and arms for comprehensive muscle activation. Thanks to their natural design and lighter weight, Wooden Gymnastic Rings are ideal for high-intensity interval training, body-weight exercises, and core strengthening exercises. Additionally, the natural grip of the wood ensures maximum stability and confidence during workouts. Whether used as a part of a CrossFit routine or simply to help improve fitness, Wooden Gymnastic Rings are an efficient and effective workout tool.


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Pros & Cons


• Made from solid hardwood for maximum stability

• Can be set up quickly and easily

• Provides an all-in-one work out for the entire body

• Strengthens and tones muscles

• Can be used indoors or outdoors

• Comes with expandable rope designed for durability


• Not suitable for all fitness levels

• Requires patience to learn certain exercises

• Cost might be prohibitive for some

Who Should Buy


• People who are looking for an adjustable, portable home gym solution

• Athletes who need to do bodyweight exercises and need to be able to adjust the difficulty level

• People who need to challenge their upper body and core


• People who need equipment for a larger group of people

• People who prefer machines over bodyweight exercises

• People who need to be able to adjust the resistance of the exercise


-Constructed from 100% European Beech hardwood

-10.5" inside diameter

-1.75" thick

-Includes two 24" nylon straps with metal cam buckles

-Weight rated to 400 lbs

ProductWeight CapacityPriceDiameter
Wright Rings1160 lbs$9038mm
ClimbingOBx1575 lbs$73371mm
Odin Fitness1100 lbs$8538mm
GymnasticsWOD1320 lbs$6041mm
Rogue Fitness1000 lbs$8038mm

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