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Wright Comp Speed Rope

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Wright Comp Speed Rope

-gray Wright Equipment's Comp Speed Rope is designed to meet the exacting needs of boxers, athletes and enthusiasts alike who desire a reliable and durable jump rope. Made from premium materials, this rope is designed for durability and comfort. The rope is constructed from aircraft grade materials for strength and stability. The rope is mixed with durable nylon coating to provide a smoother and faster action, allowing for full range of motion. The adjustable unit is easy to shorten and lengthen to perfectly suit your speed with a simple adjustment screw. The gray resin coated handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, while the ball bearing construction ensures a smooth, trouble free rotation during use. Ideal for athletes, home fitness enthusiasts and boxers alike, the Wright Equipment Comp Speed Rope is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and durable jump rope. Whether you are training for the ring or just looking to stay in shape, this robust jump rope will help to reach your goals. The strong construction and comfortable handles ensure that you experience maximum comfort while helping you to stay fit and active.


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Pros & Cons


• Fully Adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit

• Slim profile and lightweight design ensures smooth and fast use

• Six different bearings increase speed dramatically

• Fits any size hand and range of motion

-Durable Construction means this rope will hold up to intense workouts


• More expensive than other skipping ropes on the market

• Rope length cannot be adjusted

• No instructional manual or video included for beginners

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who want to improve their cardiovascular fitness

• Those who want to improve their coordination and agility

• Those who are looking for a fast-paced and energetic workout

• Amateur and professional athletes

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who do not have good coordination or agility

• Those who are not looking for a challenging, physically demanding exercise

• Those who prefer low-impact or gentle exercises


-Adjustable rope length quickly and easily dial in the perfect length for any athlete

-Ergonomic comfort handle design and ultra lightweight with durable construction

-Smooth and fast cable rotation for long-lasting use

-Speed ball bearing system for frictionless rotation

-Thin braided cable for maximum agility

-Non-slip handle for secure grip

-Anti-rust and wear-resistant for longevity

ProductWeightHandle LengthCost
Wright Comp Speed Rope3 oz5.75”$40
Xpeed Athletic Cable Rope3 oz5.5”$25
Speed Skipping Rope3.2 oz5.9”$13
Crossfit Speed Cable Jump Rope2.4 oz5.7”$10

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