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Wright Elite Curl Bar

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Wright Elite Curl Bar

The Wright Elite Curl Bar is a well-designed curling bar from Wright Equipment that is ideal for any lifting enthusiast. It is made of solid steel and comes with a strong chrome finish to resist corrosion and wear. It also features a durable sleeve design that provides a secure hold of Olympic plates, easily allowing weights to be loaded and unloaded with minimal effort. For maximum comfort and performance, the Wright Elite Curl Bar is ergonomically designed with two-inch grips. With the multi-angle rotating ends, users can customize their angles with ease to help target their muscle groups. Additionally, the bar is pre-loaded with Olympic spring collars to help secure any size Olympic plates. As with all Wright Equipment products, the Wright Elite Curl Bar comes with a lifetime warranty to protect customers from defects and general wear and tear. It's designed to be a reliable and durable piece of workout equipment for anyone looking to gain strength, tone muscle, and build a better physique.


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Pros & Cons


-High-quality stainless steel Construction

• Patented quad-grip design for improved grip and comfort

• Easily adjustable for different height users

• Ideal for bicep curls, triceps pressdowns, and other exercises

• Compact size for easy storage


• Limited color options

• High price tag

• Only suitable for lighter weight training

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

• People looking for an versatile and effective home gym product

• People that want to add resistant training to their regular workout regimen.

• Serious weight lifters wanting to perform a variety of exercises with a single piece of equipment

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• Those on a budget looking for a cheap home gym solution

• People seeking a beginner level curl bar

• Those who want one piece of equipment that offers a full body workout


- Designed to be stronger and more durable for enthusiasts and professionals

- Ergonomic knurled handle allows for comfortable and secure grip

- Interchangeable star collars with spring loaded catch

- Chrome finish with black oxide sleeves

- Knurled center allows you to easily move your hands in and out

- 4 weight plates can be loaded on either end for a variety of exercises

- Total length: 48”

- Weight: 21 lbs.

- 44” of gripping area

- Sleeve length of 6.75” for 2” Olympic plates

ProductWright Wright Elite Curl BarSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2
MaterialSteelSteelNylon & Steel
Weight7.5 lbs5.5 lbs6.8 lbs

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