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The Wright Equipment Fat Barbell is a great option for anyone looking for a strong, versatile, and durable weightlifting barbell. It is made from quality steel and features an ergonomic, contoured grip designed for greater control and comfort during workouts. The thick diameter of the barbell makes it ideal for curl-ups, bench presses, pull-ups, triceps presses, and other Olympic weightlifting movements. Its knurling is precision-cut to provide a firm grip during your workouts. The black oxide coating provides an extra layer of protection from corrosion and rust. The barbell has a maximum weight capacity of 1500 lb, making it ideal for heavy lifters. The barbell has a center knurling feature that helps promote a stable grip and greater control during lifts. This unique design gives the lifter a feeling of confidence during workouts. The Wright Equipment Fat Barbell is great for experienced and novice lifters alike and is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Pros & Cons


• Available in multiple weights for customization

• Wide knurled handles for comfortable grip

• Machined ends for a secure barbell collar fit

• Bells welded to the bar to provide superior durability

• Heavy gauge, heat-treated steel ensures strength and reliability


• Can be challenging to transport or store due to weight

• Costlier than an Olympic-style barbell

• Some may prefer a thinner knurled grip

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product

- Individuals who want to increase their strength and performance

- Fitness enthusiasts who are looking to add a more diverse range of exercises into their routine

- Those who have limited space in their home and need a compact workout equipement

- Anyone who wants to build more upper-body and core muscle

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product

- Those who are not interested in strength training and muscle building

- People who are not comfortable with barbell weightlifting

- Individuals looking for cardio equipment and not weights

- People who do not have enough space to store and use the product effectively


-Dimensions: 1" thick x 5 ft. long

-Weight: 65lbs

-Bare Steel Construction

-Grip diameter: 1.20"

-Capacity: 1500lbs

-Smooth knurling for superior grip

-High grade solid alloy steel

-Center knurled for use with rope clamps

-Smooth and tapered ends

-Protective black oxide finish

ProductPriceCompound MovementsAccessory Movements
Wright WRIGHT Fat Bar$339YesYes
Cap Barbell Super Curl Bar$85NoYes
XMark Olympic EZ Curl Bar$102NoYes
Apollo Athletics Olympic Curl Bar$85NoYes
F2GO Olympic EZ Curl Bar$176NoYes

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