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Wright Lean Garage Rack Safety Spotter Arms

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Wright Lean Garage Rack Safety Spotter Arms

The Wright Lean Garage Rack Safety Spotter Arms are the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their gym or garage safer when lifting weights. These spotter arms are designed to provide support while performing heavier lifts, helping to ensure safe weightlifting. The arms are designed with a high-strength steel body, adjustable rubber handles, and a secure locking system that prevents accidental disengagement. The arms are compatible with most racks, providing an extra layer of support for heavier lifts. The spotter arms are adjustable in length, allowing users to customize their weight levels and safety parameters. With a powder-coated black finish, these arms are both stylish and durable. The arms meet or exceed regulatory safety requirements, providing users with the ultimate peace of mind. The arms are easy to install and maintain, allowing users to maximize their training and safety during heavy lifts.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to set up and move

- Durable design and Construction

• Adjustable spotter arms

• Made with high-quality steel

• Includes built-in safety

• Improves barbell efficiency and reduces wasted time

• Weight capacity up to 600lbs


• Relatively expensive

• Limited selection of colour options

• Not suitable for movements such as pull-ups

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Increase safety - Wright Lean Garage Rack Spotter Arms help to create a safer environment for anyone lifting heavy weights in the garage or gym.

• Simple installation - The installation process is easy and does not require any special tools.

• Quality product - Wright Equipment provides high quality products that will last for years.

• Affordable - The spotter arms are affordably priced and are a great way to improve safety without breaking the bank.

Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for everyone - The spotter arms may not be suitable for everyone depending on the size and weight of the weights being lifted.

• Not a substitute for having a spotter - The spotter arms should not replace having a reliable spotter to assist in lifting heavier weights.

• Higher cost than some alternatives - The spotter arms may be more expensive than some other options available.


-Includes 2 safety spotter arms for bench press and squat use

-14-gauge steel construction with powder-coat finish

-2" x 2" steel uprights

-Upright design for space and stability

-2 horizontal positions of uprights: 24" and 16" centers (distance between centers)

-Integrated base plates that accommodate anchoring to floor

-Compatible with most 7' Olympic bars

-Weight capacity: 1000 lbs.

-Overall dimensions: 130" W x 56" D x 80.75 - 96.75" H

Product NamePriceSafety Spotter ArmsAdjustability
Wright Wright Lean Garage Rack$225YesFixed
KidStrong Single BAR Rack$129YesNot Specified
Best Fitness Squat Rack$255NoFixed
Body-Solid Power Rack$478YesAdjustable
Fitness Reality Strength Training$85NoFixed

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