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Wright Power Sled Replacement Ski

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Wright Power Sled Replacement Ski

The Wright Power Sled Replacement Skis are a versatile and reliable addition to any gym-goer’s workout routine. The skis come in two size options and are made from high-grade nickel coated aluminum in order to withstand maximum stress from the most intense workouts. The 5.5” wide surface planes the weight along both sides for maximum stability and the smooth gliding action of the skis make them highly maneuverable, allowing the user to work out various muscle groups in the upper, lower and core body. The specially designed tail glide system helps to prevent the weight from catching on the back of the sled, and the rubberised no-slip grip handles help keep the sled firmly in place when in use. The Wright Power Sled Replacement Skis are perfect for anyone looking to increase their core and lower body strength, with the added bonus of being able to be used in groups or individually.


Pros & Cons


• Made from durable materials that last

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• Easy to install

• Adjustable width to fit most sleds

• Replaceable ski runners which can be easily replaced

• Suitable for use on various terrain


• Limited compatibility with certain sleds

• May not offer enough grip on icy or wet surfaces

• May wear down after miles of use

• Expensive compared to other types of sleds

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- High-quality workmanship

- Features solid steel construction

- Comes with replaceable skis

- Ideal for versatile at-home sled training

Should Not Buy:

- Not ideal for high-intensity or powerlifting exercises

- Pricey for a single piece of equipment

- Not suitable for an outdoor environment


- Capacity: 550 lbs

- Dimensions: 36”L x 18” W

- Weight: 27 lbs

- Frame Construction: Heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel construction

- Attachment Options: Accommodates Olympic and Standard plates

- Design: 4-way adjustable for any exercise

- Features: Track-style sled runners for increased stability and control

- Accessories: Includes locking pin and hardware

- Color: Black frame, silver runners

ProductWeight CapacityAdjustable Pulling LoadWheels
Wright Wright Power Sled Replacement SkiN/AYesNo
Rogue Dog Sled1500lbYesNo
Garage Fit 4 in 1 Sled Push Pull600lbYesYes
SISU Skierg900lbNoNo
Rep Fitness Sled597lbNoYes

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