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9-Bar Vertical Barbell Storage

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9-Bar Vertical Barbell Storage

The Again Faster 9 Bar Vertical Barbell Storage is an essential storage component for any home or commercial gym. Constructed of strong box steel, this heavy-duty storage rack can accommodate up to nine Olympic-sized barbells and can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor. The unit is designed with a removable back plate to make it easy to shift barbells and accommodate different bar lengths. To ensure safety, the unit also includes high-quality rubber casters that make it easier to move and add stability for uneven floors. The Again Faster 9 Bar Vertical Barbell Storage is an aesthetically pleasing way to organize barbells in your gym. It features a simple black powder-coated steel finish that will not corrode or fade. The compact design of this unit has been carefully reviewed by engineers to ensure optimal performance and stability. Additionally, its smaller footprint leaves extra room in your facility for more equipment. This barbell storage rack has been rigorously tested for durability and reliability. It is 95% pre-assembled and requires minimal effort to set up. Its reliable construction will hold evenly distributed weight safely and securely, ensuring efficient storage and organization of your barbells. Not only is it a stylish addition to any gym, but its industrial quality design means it will be a durable and reliable fixture for years to come.


Pros & Cons


• Easy storage of nine barbells

• Keeps get barbells organized and off the floor

• Space-saving design for minimal use of floor space

- Durable and sturdy Construction


• Requires wall mounting

• Not ideal for ceiling mounting

• Not compatible with smaller-gauge bars

Who Should Buy


This product is ideal for anyone looking to store and protect their barbells. It is perfect for gym owners, CrossFit boxes, PT studios, and avid home gym enthusiasts.

Should Not:

This product is not necessary for anyone who does not have multiple barbells. It is designed for storage and organization of barbells, which would not be beneficial to those who don't need it.


- 9 Bar Storage

- Heavy Duty Steel Construction

- Multi-Grip angled design

- Movable Arms for compact storage

- Suitable for Olympic and Standard barbells

- Quality finish and scratch resistant paint

- Wheel kit available for greater portability and range of motion

- Maximum load capacity: 500 kg / 1100 lbs

- Dimensions: 119 cm x 80 cm x 129 cm / 47" x 31" x 51" (W x D x H)

- Weight: 22 kg / 48 lbs

ProductWeight CapacityEasy of RollingAdjustability
Again Faster 9-Bar1000 lbsYesYes
Power Rack1000 lbsNoYes
Barbell Rack600 lbsYesNo
Spud Inc Rack400 lbsYesYes

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