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A/F Koozie

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A/F Koozie

The AF Koozie from Again Faster offers discrete yet highly effective insulation for your beverages - hot and cold. The shell is constructed of durable neoprene, offering superior insulation, while the exclusive rustproof fastener keeps the Koozie securely closed while allowing quick access to your beverage. The innovative snap-resistant design prevents unwanted spills, while the lightweight construction allows easy transport. The AF Koozie also features an integrated carabiner clip, allowing you to easily attach the Koozie to bags, backpacks, and more. The Koozie also features a wide range of custom designs and logos which can be applied to the Koozie for a personalized look. The Koozie is available in multiple sizes, making it ideal for both bottles and cans. The Koozie is waterproof and resistant to sunlight, ensuring a long lifespan and optimal performance. It is also machine-washable for easy cleaning. In conclusion, the AF Koozie from Again Faster is the perfect way to keep your beverages insulated and free from spills. It is constructed from durable materials, available in multiple sizes, and offers a wide range of custom designs and logos. It is an ideal accessory for on-the-go or home use.

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Pros & Cons


• Collapsible and can fit in small spaces and bags

• Made from high-density foam for maximum insulation and temperature retention

• Nylon koozie cover provides extra protection and insulation

• Perfect size for keeping a can or bottle cold

• Lightweight and portable

• Folds away when not in use

• Bright and colorful logo design to stand out


• Does not hold any large beverage containers, only intended for cans/bottles

• Cannot be used to store food or other items

• Does not seal or keep in carbonation/flavor

• Price may be costly for some customers

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who want to keep their drinks cold for longer periods of time

• Those who want to display their love for Again Faster equipment

• Those who appreciate the extra storage space in the base of the koozie

Who Should NOT Buy:

• Those on a strict budget

• Those who want a koozie than can fit larger size cans or bottles than the Again Faster koozie can accommodate.


• 3.5" in Diameter

• 6.5" Height

• Fits standard 12 oz can

• High-Quality neoprene insulation

• Soft and Flexible

• Vivid Full Color Printing

• Perfect for BBQs, Camping Trips, the Beach & More!

Again Faster A/F Koozie0.11 lb4.5"x7"Neoprene
Jolmo Lander Koozie0.1 lb7.5"x4.2"Neoprene
SavvyTravelers Slim Can Koozie0.04 lb3.5"x6"Polyurethane foam
Ozark Trail Can Coozi0.11 lb4"x 6.5"Polyurethane foam

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