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X Training Alpha Olympic Barbell

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X Training Alpha Olympic Barbell

The Alpha Olympic Barbell from Again Faster is an Olympic-grade barbell designed for athletes looking to get an edge on their lifts. The barbell is made with precision in mind, and each barbell is tested to 230,000 psi tensile strength with a maximum load of 1,500 lbs. The barbell is designed to minimize bar whip and provide an incredible amount of spin with its needle bearings and bearing were sleeves. The barbell is made from high-quality steel and features an E-coating finish for added protection. The Alpha Olympic Barbell also features knurling of "moderate depth" which offers both competition-level grip and comfort for long periods of time. The barbell also features dual marked rings for easy weight identification, with the IWF standard being the primary weight indicator, and kilograms/pounds being the secondary indicators. Overall, the Alpha Olympic Barbell from Again Faster is an excellent choice for athletes looking to take their lifts to the next level. With its 230,000 psi tensile strength, dual-marked weight indicator, and needle bearing and bearing were sleeves, the Alpha Olympic Barbell is a top-of-the-line barbell designed to get the very most out of each lift.

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Pros & Cons


• Made of strong steel

• Dual knurl marks for both powerlifting and Olympic lifting

• Bearings for a smooth spin

• Guaranteed against bending, cracking, or warping

• Two different hard chrome finishes available

• Available in three different lengths


• Can be relatively expensive

• Not rated for competition standards

• Warranty does not cover discoloring or rust

Who Should Buy


Why Should Buy:

• Professional grade barbell for heavy weightlifting

•Knurled handles for superior grip and control

•Made from high quality steel, ensuring longevity and durability

•Two-piece construction prevents warping and bending

Why Should Not Buy:

• Expensive upfront cost

• Not suitable for lightweight use

• Not suitable for those short on space


• Bar Length: 77.55" (197cm)

• Material: Solid stainless steel shaft and zinc sleeves

• Bar Weight: 20KG (44.09lbs)

• Shaft Diameter: 28.5mm (1.125")

• Sleeve Coating: Zinc

• Sleeve Length: 16.54" (42cm)

• Knurling: Medium

• Markings: Dual knurling marks

• Loadable Sleeve Length: 14.2" (36cm)

• Center Knurl: No

• Tensile Strength: 190K PSI

• Max Load Rating: 1,500lbs (680KG)

ProductPriceWeightKnurlingSleeve Rotation
Again Faster$51020kgAggressiveSmooth
Ohio Fitness$26520kgMediumGood
Valor$21920kgKnurl MarkAggressive

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