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AssaultBike Elite

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AssaultBike Elite

The Assault AirBike Elite by Again Faster is a comprehensive home fitness machine offering an effective full-body workout at the convenience of your own home. It features an intuitive, LCD display console which allows you to track essential metrics such as calories burned, speed, RPM, distance and elapsed time for your workouts. The AirBike Elite also boasts adjustable features such as 21 different seat positions and adjustable handlebars so you can find the most comfortable fit for your size. The reinforced steel frame makes the AirBike Elite a sturdy and reliable machine designed to transfer your energy into challenging exercises; users can pedal away with the adjustable fan-resistance and the chain drive system. The AirBike Elite also benefits from the fact that it takes up minimal space, making it a great choice for those looking for a space-saving exercise solution.


Pros & Cons


-Heavy duty steel Construction and commercial-grade parts ensures it is built to last

• Highly adjustable to fit a wide range of user sizes

• Digital LCD console tracks speed, distance, calories, time, and watt output

• Provides an effective total body workout by efficiently engaging all major muscle groups

• Whisper-smooth operation that feels like a fan


• Price is higher than most comparable air bikes

• Smaller digital console display than some competitors

• Handlebars may not be the best shape for some users

Who Should Buy


Who should buy the Assault Airbike Elite:

- Those looking for a quality cardio workout

- Those looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance solution

- Those looking for something to last for a long time

- Athletes that want to stay in shape

Who should not buy the Assault Airbike Elite:

- Those with very limited space

- Those who don't like complex, loud machinery

- Those who don't plan to use it regularly


-Heavy-duty steel frame construction

-Made in The USA

-Easily adjustable fan wheel intensity

-Up to 16 levels of adjustable resistance

-Slip-free sliding footrests

-Ergonomic design

-Two wheels for easy portability

-7-function LCD display

-Monitor intensity, speed, distance, RPM, calories burned, heart rate, and more

-Product dimensions: 64" x 22" x 49" (LxWxH)

-Product weight: 130 lbs

AttributesAgain Faster Assault AirBike Elite
TypeAir Bike
Dimensions59"L x 32"W x 45"H
Weight120 lbs
Max User Weight350 lbs
Resistance LevelsManual
Drive SystemDual Action Fan
ConsoleOptional (sold separately)
HandlebarsMulti-Position Adjustable Handlebar
SeatComfortable Saddle Seat
PedalsOversized, Non-Slip Pedal
AttributesSchwinn Airdyne AD8Rogue Echo BikeKettler Kettrike RB3
TypeAir BikeAir BikeAir BikeAir Bike
Dimensions57"L x 33.5"W x 42.5"H59"L x 28.5"W x 48.5"H58"L x 27.5"W x 34"H57"L x 28"W x 47"H
Weight82 lbs95 lbs93 lbs133 lbs
Max User Weight350 lbs350 lbs400 lbs400 lbs
Resistance LevelsManualManualManualManual
Drive SystemWind-Resistant FanWind Guard SystemUnique Peripheral Drive SystemPeripheral Magnetic Resistance
ConsoleOptional (sold separately)Built-inBuilt-inOptional (sold separately)
HandlebarsMulti-Position Adjustable HandlebarMulti-Grip Platform Handle & Dual-Position SeatMulti-Grip Platform Handle & Form-Fit SeatMulti-Position Adjustable Handlebar
SeatComfortable Saddle SeatAdjustable SeatForm-Fit Saddle SeatVentilated Mesh Back Seat
PedalsOversized, Non-Slip PedalOversized Foot PedalsOversized, Non-Slip PedalOversized, Non-Slip Pedal

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