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Band Pegs for Power Rack

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Band Pegs for Power Rack

The Again Faster Band Pegs are essential for any home or commercial gym to finish their setup. Constructed from a single piece of steel, the bands are designed to handle the toughest of lift workouts. Perfect for bands and tubing, push pull exercises and max effort lifts, they feature a heavy-duty chrome coating and a cross hole design that that supports both full size and mini bands. Ideal for a variety of workouts, the Again Faster Band Pegs can be mounted onto any flat surface and are easily adjusted to change the angle and height of the bands. With incredibly strong construction allowing for plenty of tensioning of bands for optimal lift performance, the Band Pegs also feature non-slip rubber feet that provide added stability and protection to the surface they are being mounted onto. Designed for long-lasting performance and high-strength resistance, the Again Faster Band Pegs are one of the best options available on the market to accommodate a range of heavy duty demands in any gym setup. Available in a range of different styles, sizes and colours, the Band Pegs are an ideal choice for any lifter looking for quality, durable equipment.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to install

• Versatile, great for easy storage of bands or ropes

• Durable steel Construction

• Portable – can be used indoors or outdoors

• Low-cost


• Not designed for heavy duty use

• No mounting hardware included

• Limited customization options

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Ideal for athletes interested in increasing mobility and improving movement patterns

- Great for experienced weightlifters who want to develop control and stability

- Great as a supplemental tool for injury prevention or rehab

Who Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for athletes who are not properly trained in proper technique and use of tools

- Not ideal for those looking for quick and dramatic strength gains without proper form


- Standard variation available in 22" and 32" varieties

- Secures resistance bands, hanging rings, battling ropes, gymnastics rings, and other equipment around your Power Rack

- 1.25" x 2" brand with four mounting holes, 1.5" on center

- 90-day warranty

- Constructed of heavy-duty steel and coated for protection against rust, oxidation, and wear

- Compatible with Again Faster Power Rack and Infinity Rigs only

Again Faster Band Pegs for Power Rack2.8”9.75”0.5”$49.99
Body-Solid Band Pegs for Power Rack4.0”10.0”0.6”$48.95
TDS Bumper Plate Band Pegs2.5”9.3”0.5”$25.95
PowerMax Band Pegs for Power Rack2.75”9.75”0.5”$47.39
XMark Fitness Band Pegs2.8”10.0”0.5”$49.95