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Competition Freestanding Rigs

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Competition Freestanding Rigs

The Competition Freestanding Rig from Again Faster is designed for large-scale gyms and busy programs. The rig is constructed of a 12-gauge steel frame and is equipped with long-lasting laser-cut brackets. The upright bars have heavy duty J-hooks, making it easier to adjust the height of the barbell and other accessories. The base of the rig is a solid steel plate which is doweled and bolted together, making it strong and secure. This product is built for heavy use, and the 2"x3" steel uprights can handle up to 2,000lbs. The rig comes with eight short and eight long 4' cross-members as well as fully customizable pull-up bars in sizes ranging from 24" to 60." The rig also features a variety of pull-up bar attachments, including monkey bars, gymnastics rings, and dip bars. These attachments can be used to expand the rig and customize it to the user's needs. The Competition Freestanding Rig has multiple shelf options. It comes standard with two 24" deep shelves, and optional shelves with different lengths and depths can be added. The rig also features heavy duty metal J-hooks, which make it easier to load and unload the barbell and other accessories. The Competition Freestanding Rig is designed for long-term use. Its frame is powder-coated with a protective oil-based enamel, which helps to protect it from corrosion and fading. Additionally, this product is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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Pros & Cons


* Constructed from heavy-duty steel

• Includes multiple pull-up bars, j-cups, and dip handles

• Has space for kettlebells and yoga mats

• Commercially rated for durability

• Available in different configurations


• Expensive compared to similar models

• Bolts must be purchased separately

* Assembly can be time Consuming and difficult

• Does not include storage accessories like plate holders or barbell stands

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Appropriate for healthy competition and/or group training

- Constructed of heavy-gauge steel for serious weight loads

- Can be rearranged and/or expanded to fit any space

- Fully customizable for your facility needs

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for heavy-duty powerlifting

- Frequent rearranging may cause erosion of materials over time

- Not applicable to smaller home gyms

- May be overkill for standard individual workouts and not cost-effective


- 8’ Tall structure

- 2-2.5” 11 Gauge Square Tubing

- Constructed of Georgia Galvanized Steel

- 4 rows of Westside Hole Pattern

- 6” Storage depth

- 4 UHMW J-Cups and band peg

- OPTIONAL: Dip Attachments and Color Banding

ProductWeight CapacityHeight AdjustabilityPrice
Again Faster Competition Freestanding Rig1000 lbs4' to 7'$2,035
Titan X-3 Half Rack800 lbs4' to 7'$529
Rep Fitness Half Rack900 lbs5' to 7'$949
Valor Fitness BF-3 Squat Rack500 lbs4' to 6'$169
Rogue RML-390F900 lbs4' to 7'$1075

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