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Evolution Color Bumper Plates

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Evolution Color Bumper Plates

The Again Faster Color Change Bumper Plates are a colorful, impact-reducing alternative to traditional weight plates. Their thin profile accommodates heavyworkouts while their medical-grade rubber surface keeps your floor safe and reduces the noise of dropped weights. These bumper plates are impact-resistant with a 17.7” diameter to help protect yourflooring, walls, and other gym objects from damage. They feature an ergonomic, satiny-smooth surface with a flex bias, allowing them todampen the impact of heavy weight and make dropping the barbell safer. These plates are color-coded in blue, yellow, and red to help you easily differentiate between weight amounts. They are offered in various lbs increments, from 10 lbs to 45 lbs, so you can choose the weights that suit your strength training needs best. Additionally, the stainless steel insert will not corrode ensuring a snug fit on most modern Olympic-sized barbells. These sleek and durable plates are a great addition to any home or studio gym and will help you get the most out of your workout.

  • 10LB Pair

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  • 15LB Pair

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  • 25LB Pair

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  • 35LB Pair

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  • 45LB Pair

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  • 160LB Set

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  • 190LB Set

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  • 230LB Set

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  • 260LB Set

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  • 350LB Set

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  • 450LB Set

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  • 1,000LB Set

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Pros & Cons


• Made from durable rubber to withstand repeated drops

• Available in five colors to create a unique look

• Fits standard weightlifting bars and racks

• Easy to clean

• Low bounce for reduced sound

• Firm grip gives users control


• Dumbbells are not included

• Expensive

• Heavy and difficult to move around

• Plates may not fit standard Olympic equipment made for other brands

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High-quality construction with solid steel inserts

• 10-year manufacturer's warranty

• Colorful design to liven up any gym

• Budget-friendly price

Should Not Buy:

• Not designed for dropping during lifts (no center hole)

• 50-cap weight limit (only recommended for light lifters)

• Not sold in pairs (you must buy plates in multiples of two)


- Made of virgin and recycled rubber

- Maximum weight capacity of 1500 lbs

- Diameter:17.75”-45.0”

- Widest industry standard plate

- Resilient, low bounce

- Color coded by weight

- Thicker than most standard plates

- Steel inner hub for snug, secure fit on bar

- 10 lbs and up are 'crash-friendly'

- 10 and 15 lb plates are 1" thick

- 25 and 35 lb plates are 2" thick

- 45 lb plates are 3" thick

Weight RangeDurability
Weight RangeDurability

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