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Fifteen Athlete Package

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Fifteen Athlete Package

The Fifteen Athlete Package from Again Faster is an excellent combination of gear for any gym, team or facility looking for a great set of gear for strength and conditioning. The package includes a range of premium quality equipment that's been hand-selected to ensure the best possible outcomes, with everything you need to get your athletes ready to perform at their best. The package includes a Multi-Grip Barbell, Trap Bar, Plyo Step, PVC Training Rope and a Plyometric Box. The Multi-Grip Barbell is a must-have for any gym, as it provides an adjustable range of hand positions to ensure you can use it for any type of lift, while the Trap Bar is ideal for deadlifts, shrugs and rows. The Plyo Step is perfect for box jump exercises, with adjustable heights for varying levels and abilities, and the PVC Training Rope is just the thing for rope climbs, and swinging, pulling and pushing exercises. And the Plyometric Box provides a great platform for box jump training, as well as various exercises that involve stepping in and out. This package is incredibly versatile, and should serve perfectly as an introduction to the world of strength and conditioning. It's also great for athletes of all levels, as the individual components of the package can be changed and combined in different ways to make sure you get the best out of your athletes, whatever their level or sport may be. Durability is also important for any piece of kit and thankfully, the Again Faster brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, which means that you can rely on the package to stand up to whatever you throw at it. So if you're looking for a great combination of versatile and quality strength and conditioning kit, the Again Faster Fifteen Athlete Package will be a great choice.

  • X1 Squat Stands

    In Stock


  • 34FT Freestanding Rig

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• items for 1 price provides a great value

• Includes storage rack to support weight from each item

• Durability and design to hold up to 15 pieces of equipment

• All components made of steel for strength and longevity

• Rigidity of the package means equipment won’t move or shift while in use

• Easy to assemble and disassemble if needed

• Gear bag included for added convenience


• Can be pricey for some budgets

• Due to 15 different pieces, requiring a large space

• Does not include any fitness equipment pieces

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Affordable way to purchase multiple products for a crossfit box

• Robust selection of 15 items to get you started

• Ability to choose from a variety of basic/functional equipment

• Variety of color and brand selections

• Ability to customize package to your individual needs

Reasons Not to Buy:

• At 15 items, this package may not include the full range of equipment needed for a crossfit box

• Limited customization options

• Rigging, mats, flooring, and other specialized equipment not included as part of the package


-2 x Elite bars

-3 x Elite plates

-4 x Elite bumpers

-2 x DB-37s

-2 x Gravity straps

-3 x Soft plyo boxes

-2 x Wall balls

-2 x Wall balls (light)

-2 x Agility ladders

-2 x Bar holders

-2 x Kettlebells (18lbs)

-2 x Kettlebells (26lbs)

ProductPricePlate sizeBar sizePlatform size
Again Faster Fifteen Athlete Package$65025 lb & 35 lb Olympic Plates7' Olympic BarPlatform
Body-Solid Pro ClubLine Series SDC2000$4990.5 lb Increments7' Olympic Bar24" x 36" Platform
PowerLine Olympic Power Rack$6000.5 lb Increments7' Olympic BarN/A
Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Squat Rack$27612 lb Increments5' Olympic Bar12" x 24" Platform

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