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X Training Fractional Change Plates - LB

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X Training Fractional Change Plates - LB

Again Faster Fractional Change Plates are an essential part of any weight-training routine. They feature a spot-on weight design that allows for efficient and accurate tracking of your performance. No matter if you’re just starting out or maintain a serious lifting regimen, these Change Plates are a great addition to any gym. Made from heavy-duty steel, these Change Plates are built to last. Their unique design includes both horizontal and vertical holes for easy loading and unloading. Each plate is low-bounce for extra stability, and the steel is rust-resistant for longevity. Plus, the design allows for natural handlegrips to help you keep a secure grip. The Fractional Change Plates Lbs set includes both 1/2 and 1/4 pounders. This way, you can easily track your progress and help you reach your goals. They are available in standard imperial measurements of inches, so you’ll always know exactly what your lifts are in pounds. And best of all, they’re color-coded according to weight, so you can always find the right plate quickly and easily. For those in search of an economical and efficient solution to tracking lifting performance and progress, Again Faster Fractional Change Plates are the perfect fit. In today’s fitness world, they are a tried-and-true addition to any weight rack.


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Pros & Cons


• A wide range of sizes (5-25lbs) offers excellent versatility and allows for gradual increases in weight.

• Precisely machined for accurate and Consistent measurements.

• Plates have a durable, powder-coated finish for protection from rust and corrosion.

• Plates are color-coded for easy identification and quick weight selection.

• They have easy-to-grasp handles that allow for better grip during heavier lifts.


• The price point can be relatively high compared to other options.

• The plates can be relatively loud when dropped, depending on the surface.

• Limited availability of the heavier plates (25lbs & up).

Who Should Buy

Reasons Who Should Buy

• Easy to add fractional increments of weight

• Can fit on all standard bars with diameter of 1 inch or less

• Compatible with Olympic or Powerlifting exercises

• Durable steel construction

Reasons Who Should Not Buy

• Too expensive for someone on a budget

• Lower weight limit of 25 lbs for each plate

• Not designed for higher weight lifting exercises

• Not suitable for use in CrossFit or HIIT workouts


- Accurate to within 1.5grams of stated weight

- Eight plate sizes ranging from 0.25 lbs. - 5 lb.

- Includes 2 x 5 lb., 4 x 2.5 lb., 8 x 1 lb., 8 x 0.5 lb. and 8 x 0.25 lb. plates

- Ideal for adjusting the load incrementally throughout a workout

- Weighted with a thick rubber coating, and embedded with magnets for accurate weight measurement

- Comes with a durable nylon bag to safely store and transport plates

Weight IncrementDiameter
0.5 LB7.875”
0.5 LB8"
0.5 LB8.6”
0.25 LB7.875"
0.5 LB8.3"
Weight IncrementDiameter
0.5 LB7.875”
0.5 LB8"
0.5 LB8.6”
0.25 LB7.875"
0.5 LB8.3"

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