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Gym Chalk - 1LB Block

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Gym Chalk - 1LB Block

Again Faster Gym Chalk is a perfect choice for the serious weightlifter or athlete. Made from Magnesium Carbonate, this chalk provides an easily applied layer for resistance-based activities. The solid block format allows for easy shaving/grinding/brushing of the chalk, providing an exact amount of weight tracking accuracy and an ability to customize the amount of added support. The 1 lb. Block size ensures that you have a great amount of chalking available for up to 30 training sessions. Perfect for gyms and athletes, Again Faster Gym Chalk is easy to grip and prevents hand moisture/slippage. This block is free of drying agents, meaning it won’t evaporate and leave chalky residue on you or your workout equipment. Keep your traction for any weightlifting or physical exercise with Again Faster Gym Chalk. The heavyweight block and lack of mess mean you can focus entirely on your exercise without the distraction of slipping during the sets. Order your 1 lb. of Again Faster Gym Chalk today and get lifting any time.

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Pros & Cons


• Increases friction to give athletes a better grip on bars and equipment

• Enhances safety and control for lifting heavy weights

• Helps to absorb sweat from hands and reduce slipping

• Comfortable and easy to use

• Blocks available in one pound sizes


• Chalk dust can be messy and difficult to clean up

• Chalk is not allowed in some indoor facilities

• Hammers can sometimes be needed to break large blocks into smaller pieces

• Chalk can also be abrasive and can cause skin irritation if used excessively

Who Should Buy

This product, Gym Chalk 1lb Block, is primarily intended for use by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It can be applied to hands to help increase grip and traction during activities such as weightlifting and gymnastics. Those who are not involved in physical activities should not buy this chalk. It is also not recommended for individuals who have skin allergies as this product may cause an allergic reaction.


-1LB block of premium grade chalk

-100% magnesium carbonate

-Non-staining formula

-Designed to reduce grip fatigue and absorb sweat

-Safety tested for US and European markets

IngredientsPackage SizeCost Per Pound
Magnesium1 LB Block$7.95
100%1 LB Bag$8.78
Calcium2 LB Bag$13.97
Magnesium8oz Tub$9.99
100%2.5 oz Bottle$9.95

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