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Hex Trap Bar

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Hex Trap Bar

The Hex Trap Bar from AgainFaster is a specialized weightlifting bar that is designed to provide a unique form of weight training that is highly effective and safe. The bar is made from a heavy-duty steel construction and comes with high-quality rubber and steel handles that are comfortable to hold. The length of the bar is 62”, and it has a diameter of 1.5”. The weight of the bar is 55 lbs. This creates a wide range of weight resistance that can be tailored to an individual's needs. With the bar, users are able to perform Olympic-style movements like squats, deadlifts, and shrugs. It also allows for a combination of these movements if desired, which can help strengthen large muscles in the lower body. The hexagonal shape of the bar lets users maintain a neutral, balanced grip which is ideal for shoulder and back workouts. The handles are designed to allow you to perform more push and drag exercises, while the two intermediate handles make it easier to perform wide and narrow-grip exercises with better control. The AgainFaster Hex Trap Bar also includes two metal collar clips to help maintain control over the weight plates and safety locks. It also has comfortable, built-in wipes on the bar which make it easier to keep your hands secure during workouts. In short, the AgainFaster Hex Trap Bar is a safe and effective piece of equipment for any strength-training routine. It offers a wide range of weight resistance and is designed for a variety of Olympic-style movements. The handles and built-in clips offer added control and safety, while the hexagonal shape of the bar enables a neutral, balanced grip.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty Construction for superior durability

• Easily customizable for different exercises

• Built-in weight storage for quick weight changes

• Multi-grip options, including neutral and angled positions, provide various workout options

• Raised platform to help the athlete maintain proper posture during pulls and presses

• Hexagonal shape for improved safety and performance


• Cost is higher than standard barbells

• Limited options in available sizes for hex trap bars

• Can be difficult to find plates to fit

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• High quality steel construction with lifetime warranty

• 5000lb weight capacity

• Ideal for squats, dead-lifts, cleans, hip thrusts, and other compound lifts

• Non-slip knurled grip surfaces

• Compact design for storage

Should Not Buy:

• Expensive price point

• Not suitable for Olympic/bumper plates

• Not designed for accessory movements, such as curls


• Constructed with heavy-duty steel.

• 6 Olympic weightlifting sleeves.

• Raised handles.

• 45" loadable sleeve length.

• Unique hexagonal shape.

• Milled finish for improved grip.

• 800 lbs. (363.2 kg) weight capacity.

• 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) unassembled weight.

ProductPriceDimensions (HxWxL)Weight
Again Faster Hex$21438" x 85" x 24"40 LB
FringeSport Hex$17933.5" x 57" x 25"45 LB
Titan Hex Trap$22538" x 81" x 31.5"50 LB
CAP Hex Trap Bar$67.5066" x 24.5" x 36"34 LB
Rep Hex Trap Bar$18034" x 59" x 26"46 LB

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