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Hip Resistance Bands

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Hip Resistance Bands

The Again Faster’ Resistance Bands are an essential tool for any strength training routine. This set of hip resistance bands are designed for all levels of athletes to help build and strength balance and stability throughout the hip muscles and joints. The bands are made of strong and durable latex material, designed to withstand demanding strength workouts and stimuli. They feature a thick 1.25 inch wide design, to increase comfort while offering maximum resistance throughout exercises. The set includes three different levels of resistance - light, medium, and heavy - to accommodate any fitness level or ability. Each band has a built-in textured grip as well, to provide a secure hold while performing exercise. Additionally, the bands are designed to be lightweight, making them easy to transport and handle. These resistance bands can target multiple muscles throughout the hip region, from quads and hamstrings, to the glutes, abductors, and adductors. They can be utilized to perform a variety of different exercises, such as lateral shuffles, jumping lunges, banded crosswalks, and hip raises. Overall, Again Faster’s Resistance Bands are an ideal tool for strength training, balancing, and stability. They provide various levels of resistance to accommodate any fitness level, plus their unique design offers enhanced comfort, grip, and functionality.

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Pros & Cons


• Variety of resistances offered from light to extra heavy

• Durable and able to hold up to heavy use

• Portable and easily transportable

• Low-cost accessory for training

• Great for strength and flexibility exercises


• Exercise bands may not be as durable as free weights and machines

• Exercise bands may not offer enough resistance to build significant strength

• Results may not be as fast as with free weights and machines

• Hips may not support the heavier resistance bands

• Users may experience skin irritation or soreness with long-term use

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Athletes looking to activate and engage their glutes and hips

- Those looking to target and strengthen their core muscles

- Those wanting an easy and convenient way to add resistance to their workouts

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those looking for a piece of free weight (resistance bands are much lighter and take up less space)

- Those without the necessary knowledge to properly use them

- Those with any physical issues or injuries which could be aggravated by the constant tension of resistance bands


• Available in a variety of sizes and colors

• Made from durable, long lasting latex rubber

• Allows for full range of motion through progressive resistance

• An effective way to build strength and tone muscles

• Suitable for a variety of workout exercises like squats, lateral hops, resisted runs, and chest presses

• Can provide resistance up to 150 pounds

ProductAgain Faster Hip Resistance BandsBand 1Band 2Band 3
Resistance Levels109108
Load Capacity80 lb74 lb80 lb82 lb

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