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Olympic Spring Collars with Rubber Grip

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Olympic Spring Collars with Rubber Grip

/. The Again Faster Olympic Spring Collars with Rubber Grip are perfect for anyone seeking to secure their Olympic barbells during weightlifting. Using a unique two-piece clamping system, these collars will ensure your plates stay in place at all times and drastically reduce the risk of your weights slipping off the bar. The collar's high-stakes rubber grip is designed for maximum security and will keep it firmly locked in place. The solid construction guarantees a long-lasting solution, and the stylish black finish makes them great for a gym, garage or home gym experience. Additionally, the collar's steel bolt is securely anchored and it is designed to be easily tightened by hand. The convenient and intuitive design also helps you waste no time changing weights, so you can get back to your fitness routine straight away.


Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber grip is designed to reduce slippage and provide secure barbell control

• Heavy-duty steel Construction ensures long-term use

• Spring-loaded design is easy to use and makes for a quick weight plate change

• Available in sizes from 2" to 7"

• Sold in pairs


• May still slip off the barbell if not securely tightened

• Price point may be too expensive for some users

• Can be difficult to tighten if you don't have enough leverage

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Weight lifters who need reliable barbell clips

• Gym owners who want a trusted quality product

• Fitness enthusiasts who want additional support when working out

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who don’t plan to use barbells

• Those who are looking for the cheapest option

• Those who don’t need the extra stability or grip these collars provide


• Pair of Olympic Spring Collars with Rubber Grip

• Heavy-duty spring steel construction

• Durable rubber grip handles

• Secure cam-style locking mechanism

• Securely locks plates into place

• Fits 2” Olympic size weight plates

ProductsMax Weight (kg)MaterialPrice (USD)
Again Faster Olympic Spring Collars with Rubber Grip175Rubber/Steel10/2-pack
Fringe Sport Barbell Collar175Steel15/2-pack
Rep Fitness Barbell Collar150ABS plastic/Steel10/2-pack
Ryan’s World Olympics Lifting Collar150Steel12/2-pack
Titan Fitness Olympic Barbell Clamps170Reinforced Nylon/Steel15/2-pack

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