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Performance Bumper Plates

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Performance Bumper Plates

The Again Faster Performance Bumper Plates are ideal for professional-level weightlifting and powerlifting and are designed to last. Each set of plates is made from a high-grade and durable rubber compound that provides the most consistent bounce possible, helping you during dynamic workouts. The heavy-duty, virgin rubber ensures that the plates will not deteriorate over time or be damaged by dropping, making them built for consistent long-term use. The plates also feature a precision-molded stainless steel ring which helps keep the plates locked together during intense usage, providing a smooth and balanced performance every time. The Performance Bumper Plates come in a variety of sizes and weight increments from 5kg up to 25kg and are colour-coded according to their weight, with black and blue representing the lighter weights and red and yellow representing the heavier weights. The stunning polished black finish adds an aesthetic touch to the performance look. The wide range of sizes makes these plates versatile and suitable for using in a range of exercises. The Performance Bumper Plates are also incredibly safe as they feature a strong anti-skid lip that prevents them from slipping off your barbell. This ensures you have complete control over your lifts, no matter how heavy a weight you're using. The anti-skid lip also helps increase the longevity of your flooring and the plates, making sure nothing gets damaged during workouts. Overall, the Performance Bumper Plates from Again Faster are the perfect choice for professional weightlifters or powerlifters who are looking for a reliable and durable set of plates to help them get the most from their workouts. With a strong and durable rubber compound, a precision-molded stainless steel ring, and an anti-skid lip, these plates offer a top quality weightlifting experience, every time.

  • 5LB Pair

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  • 10LB Pair

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  • 15LB Pair

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  • 25LB Pair

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  • 35LB Pair

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  • 45LB Pair

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  • 160LB Set

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  • 190LB Set

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  • 230LB Set

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  • 260LB Set

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  • 350LB Set

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  • 450LB Set

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  • 1,000LB Set

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Pros & Cons


• Variety of color options

• Slip-resistant design

• High-quality, polyurethane Construction

• Durable and long-lasting

• Compliant with IWF color standardization rules


• Limited weight range (10-50 lb.)

• Price can be a bit expensive

• Slightly thicker to fit more weight than conventional bumper plates

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Strength & Conditioning athletes or people who lift weights

• Those looking for high quality bumper plates for a gym or home gym

• Anyone shopping for competition-level Olympic lifting equipment

• Lifters looking for multi-colored plates to distinguish between different weights

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for a basic set of plates only suitable for very light lifting

• Those who are not willing to spend the money for superior performance

• People interested in cheaper, less durable plates


-Available in 10LB (green), 15LB (yellow), 25LB (blue), 35LB (grey), 45LB (red)

-Machined center steel hub with inserts

-Available with a molded polymeric center or center steel hub and inserts

-High-grade, low bounce, rubber/urethane construction

-Raised lettering

-Highly Durable

-Sold in pairs

Again Faster Performance Bumper PlatesSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
450mm Diameter450mm Diameter450mm Diameter450mm Diameter
Low Bounce CompoundHigh Bounce CompoundHigh Bounce CompoundHigh Bounce Compound
12-Month Warranty6-Month Warranty12-Month Warranty6-Month Warranty
Color Coded for Easy IdentificationColor Coded for Easy IdentificationNot Color CodedNot Color Coded
Highly Durable Steel InsertPolycarbonate InsertHighly Durable Steel InsertHighly Durable Steel Insert

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