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Performance Bumper Plates 1000lb

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Performance Bumper Plates 1000lb

-set The Again Faster Performance Bumper Plates 1000 lbs Set is a great choice for any weightlifting or strength training program. This set includes a variety of bumpers, from 10 lbs to 45 lbs in 5 lbs increments with a pair of Olympic Spring Collars to keep the plates in place. Constructed from a high-grade rubber, the bumpers are designed to absorb the shock of dropping weights from a height during a workout and keep your gym floors in good condition. Thanks to their vibrant colors and easy-to-read numbers, you can easily identify the weight of each bumper, even from a distance. This set features a 1000 lb total weight, providing plenty of weight for any workout and accommodating multiple users, from amateur strength trainers to seasoned bodybuilders. The plates boast low-bounce and uniformity of weight, while their wide knurling facilitates their safe and secure grip. The Again Faster Performance Bumper Plates 1000 lbs Set is designed to withstand the toughest workouts, providing you with many years of tough and reliable use.


Pros & Cons


• Color Options - wide selection of color combinations

• Made of Durable Virgin Rubber - built to last

• Low Bounce - sound insulation feature for extra safety

• Olympic Color-Coded - makes weightlifting easier and more accurate

• Great Price Point - budget-friendly


• Can be Slippery - might require extra precautions

• Can Damage Floor - need extra padding or mats for protection

• Can be Noisy - not ideal for quiet gym settings

• Not as Durable as Steel Plates - could require replacements

• Can Chip and Peel - might require proper maintenance and handling

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Designed to meet all Olympic Weightlifting standards

• Ideal for both professional and amateur use

• Durable construction for longevity

• Can hold up to 1000 lbs of weight

Should Not Buy:

• Too lightweight for use in powerlifting competitions

• Not suitable for exercises involving high impact or rapid drops

• Not suitable for use with barbells with 2” sleeves

• More expensive than standard rubber bumper plates


-Diameter of 450mm

-Thin, low profile design

-Forged with shock resistant rubber

-Weight tolerance of (+/-) 10 grams

-No-slip surface for a better grip

-Rated to 1000lbs static weight load

Product NamePlate ThicknessMax Weight RatingPrice
Again Faster Performance Bumper Plates 1000lb10lbs Plate: 1.12”1000 lb$399.99
BumperSteel Olympic Bumper Plates10lbs Plate: 1.15”1000 lb$150.00
Horustech Olympic Bumper Plates10lbs Plate: 1.18”1000 lb$183.90
Ktaxon Olympic Bumper Plates10lbs Plate: 1.18”1000 lb$119.99
Greententljs Olympic Bumper Plates10lbs Plate: 1.15”1000 lb$139.99

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