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X Training Premium Pink Bumper Plates

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X Training Premium Pink Bumper Plates

The Again Faster Pink Bumper Plates are a set of multi-functional weight plates suitable for Olympic weight lifting and CrossFit circuit training. These pink plates are coloured using a high-quality epoxy paint providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. They come in a range of sizes from 5kg – 25kgs and are encased in a heavy-duty steel sleeve ensuring secure fitting and quick and easy loading. The plates all have hubs with integrated stainless steel inserts which provide a tight, secure fit onto Olympic barbell sleeves. On each plate, you'll also find vibrant white print which is embossed for long-lasting clarity. The plates are a dead bounce design and have a tolerance of +/- 10gm providing accurate and reliable weight readings, perfect for competitive events or personal training. Given their durable construction, the plates are an ideal choice for both home and commercial gym environments. The Again Faster Pink Bumper Plates are a great training accessory allowing you to push your workout and take your weight lifting to a new level.


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Pros & Cons


• Excellent choice for Olympic weight hardening

• Urethane encasement for superior durability

• Extra-wide 50mm diameter to fit snugly on barbells

• High quality rubber material prevents damage to floor

• Color-coded weight indicators for easy use

• Smooth surface finish for less noise


• Cannot be used for dropping exercises

• They might not fit some barbell sleeves

• Expensive compared to rubber bumper plates

• Heavy plates may require multiple hands to move them

• Not ideal for beginner weightlifters due to weight options

Who Should Buy

• Should Buy:

- If you are passionate about weightlifting

- If you need consistent and reliable plates

- If you want to stand out in the weight lifting community

• Should Not Buy:

- If you are on a tight budget

- If you are not passionate about weightlifting

- If you are not needing consistent weights for your training regimen


- High-Quality Urethane

- Steel Insert

- Durable Design

- Non-Odour

- Non-Marking

- Loadable up to 500lbs/227kg

- Low Bounce

- Color-coded for Quick Identification

- Warranty: 2 Years

Bumper PlateWeightWidthPrice
Again Faster X Training25lbs17.75"$89
Intek Strength Plates25lbs17.75"$62
WOMEN FITNESSQ Plates25lbs17.75"$67
TITAN FITNESS Plate Set25lbs17.85"$71

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