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2POOD Red Kilo Weightlifting Belt

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2POOD Red Kilo Weightlifting Belt

The Red Kilo Weightlifting Belt from Again Faster is an essential accessory for any serious strength and weightlifting athlete. Constructed with high-grade materials and the latest in fitness technology, this belt provides maximum support and comfort with minimal bulk. With its 8mm thick EVA foam core, this belt provides maximum support and improved intra-abdominal pressure, allowing lifters to push beyond their limits with confidence. The 1.5" stiff, injection-molded nylon webbing provides additional abdominal and lower back support, while the hook-and-loop closure system and adjustable buckle ensure a tight and secure fit. The exterior of the belt is constructed from top-quality Nylon 600D fabric, providing the perfect look for any fitness wardrobe. This belt is available in four unisex sizes, making it perfect for any lifter. Whether you’re a beginner or a full-time competitor, the Again Faster Red Kilo Weightlifting Belt is the ideal tool for taking your strength and performance to the next level.

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Pros & Cons


-Premium quality leather Construction

• Superior support due to wide back panel and contoured design

• Four strap system with adjustable roller buckle for perfect fit

• Reinforced lining adds stability and extra comfort

• Removable belt panels for optional customization


• Cost is more expensive than some other lifting belts

• Not designed for heavier lifting (more than 600lbs)

• Not as much flexibility as some other lifting belts

• A bit thicker and heavier than other lifting belts

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Weightlifters wishing to improve their core strength and stability

- Those wanting a comfortable, yet effective belt to help with their lifts

- Athletes who need a weightlifting belt that fits snugly

Who Should Not Buy:

- People who are already confident in their core strength and stability

- Individuals looking for a weightlifting belt with extra cushioning

- People who require a weightlifting belt that is adjustable for different heights and sizes


-Made from heavy duty 11mm Power Hide

-7" from back to front

-Nylon/leather blend

-One size fits most up to a 42" waist

-Reinforced steel buckle and roller


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