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Strength Bands 10-Pack

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Strength Bands 10-Pack

The Again Faster Strength Bands 10 Pack are an ideal addition to any fitness routine. These heavy duty latex bands come in a pack of 10, with each band measured at 5m in length. They offer a range of resistance levels from Light (15-35lbs) to Extra Heavy (135-145lbs). These bands are great for dynamic stretching, resisted mobility drills, core training and pull up assistance. The bands are designed to be durable, with a layer of weave on the outside to prevent breakage. They are also eco-friendly, as they are made from natural latex. The ends flatlock and sewn by hand, which prevents slipping and lengthens the life of the bands. The bands come with a storage bag, so they can be easily transported and organized. They are color coded according to their resistance level and they have professional grade print on the outside. Overall, these strength bands are a great option for anyone looking to add variety to their workout routine. They are strong, durable, and offer a range of resistance levels. They are also eco-friendly, easily transportable and great for increasing core strength.

  • Green Band 10-Pack

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  • Purple Band 10-Pack

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  • Red Band 10-Pack

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  • Blue Band 10-Pack

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Pros & Cons


• Easy storage

• Lightweight

• Durable

• Compact

• Versatile

• Variety of resistance levels

• All-around exercise tool

• Ideal for warm-up and mobility


• May require a greater learning curve

• Limited exercises available

• Need to purchase various sizes to get full range of movements

• Potential risk of injury when using the bands improperly

Who Should Buy

Those who should buy the Strength Bands 10 Pack from Again Faster include individuals who need assistance with strength training, stretching, and mobility. This includes athletes, physical therapists, and people who want an accessory for pieces of gym equipment, such as barbells.

On the other hand, people who don’t need this product, such as home gym owners who don’t need assistance with strength training and stretching, should not buy the Strength Bands 10 Pack.


• Power Resistance Bands

• 10 Bands Per Pack

• Lengths: Blue = 4m, Green = 3.2m, Black = 2.3m, Red = 1.4m

• Width: 25mm

• Tension: Blue = 25-72 lbs, Green = 35-99lbs, Black = 45-126lbs, Red = 55-154lbs

• Smooth & Durable Latex Material

• Great for Warm-Ups & Assistance Exercises

Again Faster Strength Bands 10 Pack10-50 lbsGood$59.99
WODFitters Resistance Bands10 - 50 lbsGood$16.95
Limm Resistance Exercise BandsUp to 100 lbsGreat$19.97
Kraftic Resistance Bands10 - 50 lbsGood

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