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Studio Fitness & Fight Wall Timer

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Studio Fitness & Fight Wall Timer

The Again Faster Studio Fitness Fight Wall Timer is designed to help with timing and scoring in any type of martial arts gym or fitness facility. This intuitive and loud timer provides a hassle-free and accurate way of tracking rounds and intervals, while also adding excitement and colour to the space. The Studio Fitness Fight Wall Timer is a sturdy, impact-resistant timer and is easily installed with four screws, making it ideal for any gym environment. The Again Faster Studio Fitness Fight Wall Timer is clearly visible with a 40.16 cm large digital clock with extra bold red digits. Additionally, it runs continuously on AA batteries and has a low-battery indicator. The timer can be set to count down in either seconds or minutes, helping you keep a close eye on rounds and intervals. With the help of a simple two-button keypad, you can easily set the time for each round and rest period, ensuring you’ll always know when a round is over. The Again Faster Studio Fitness Fight Wall Timer features a loud buzzer with eight adjustable sound levels that are loud enough to be heard from any gym location. The built-in sound also features a 10 second count-down alarm that can be used when the round comes to an end. It also comes with two adjustable brackets for mounting to a wall or stand, making it a perfect fit for any martial arts training facility or box gym. Overall, the Again Faster Studio Fitness Fight Wall Timer is a great addition to any martial arts gym or fitness facility. It enables gym owners and coaches to easily keep track of rounds and ensure a safe and effective athlete workout. With its loud and clear buzzer, adjustable sound levels, and larger size clock, the timer is sure to impress your athletes.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to install

• Highly visible display for multiple viewing angles

• Both audible and illuminated telling of time remaining

• Highly customizable

-Sturdy, weatherproof Construction designed to withstand the gym environment

• Compatible with a variety of programming/software


• Expensive

• Does not offer interval training programming

• No remote control for easy operation or convenience

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for an efficient way to time workouts and class segments

• Athletes who want to keep track of their training time

• Fitness trainers who need an accurate timing system

• Those who wish to maintain a safe environment in their training

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals who do not need to time their workouts

• Those who don't need an accurate digital timer system

• Home gym owners who don't have the space to install a Fight Wall Timer on their walls


-30-minute capacity with 20-second rest period

-Programmable LED lighting

-2-inch LCD Display

-Two Built-In Programmab LE Speakers

-Fully Integrated Programming System

-Counts Rounds, Reps, and Exercise Time

-Integrated Version Reception System

-Automatic Timer Memory Back-up Feature

-Pre-Set Routines to Choose from

-Interval and Crossfit Timers

-USB Data import & Export Capabilities

Product 2Product 3
Digital Clock + Workout TimerDigital Clock + Interval Timer
Counts up + down timer formatCounts up + down timer format
Multi-Interval FeatureProgrammable for Short-term Intervals
Pre-programmable rounds settingsCan connect to a laptop/computer
Audible + Visual Alarms2-You can adjust the volume of alarms

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