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EVOx Garage Package

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EVOx Garage Package

The X2 Garage Package by Again Faster is designed to provide a space-saving and adjustable solution for both strength and conditioning workouts. Each package includes a wall mount pull-up bar, a three-way double bar rack, and a dip station, with the option of adding on additional packages for a more complete workout. The pull-up bar features a high-grade steel construction and heavy-duty mounting brackets for maximum stability and durability. Measuring at 67 inches long, it is height adjustable from 78-104 inches and can hold up to 500lbs. The multi-purpose double bar rack has adjustable safety j-hooks for performing multiple exercises including bench press, squats, and other lifting movements with an ergonomic design to reduce pressure on the wrists and shoulders. the two dip bars provide a secure angle for maximum upper body engagement and a plate storage post to conveniently keep weights close. Lastly, all of the pieces are designed to be wall-mounted and are sturdy enough to handle any type of home or commercial gym environment. The X2 Garage Package is a top-of-the-line strength and conditioning package and is perfect for creating a space-saving gym in any home or professional gym.


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Pros & Cons


• Complete package of all essential equipment for a garage gym setup

• High quality materials for long-lasting durability

• Innovative pulley system for smooth, low-noise lifts

• Mobile and space saving design


• Higher than average price for basic home gym equipment

• Limited warranty period due to parts and components being sourced from more than one supplier

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High-quality construction and materials

• Includes 12 essential pieces for complete garage gym equipment

• Superior training performance for experienced weightlifters and athletes

• Comes with 12 months warranty

Should Not Buy:

• Only fits full-sized garages

• Can be expensive for budget-minded shoppers

• Not suitable for beginners or casual lifters


-Olympic Barbell: Both men’s (20 kg) and women’s (15 kg) barbells

-Bumper Plates: 250 lb set (10, 15, 25, and 45 lb plates)

-Kettlebells: 5, 8, 12, and 16 kg pairs

-Dumbbell Set: Pair of 5-50 lb incrementally adjustable dumbbells

-Storage Rack: Commercial-grade steel storage rack

-Jump Rope: Adjustable speed jump rope

-Resistance Bands: Pair of mini resistance bands

-Ab Roller Combo: Core-focused exercise wheel

-Weightlifting Platform: 7’ x 4’ rubber platform for heavy lifts

-Exercise Mat: 4’ x 6’ exercise mat

Again Faster EVOx Garage Package$649.99Multi-height dip bars, squat rack, wall-ball target, plyo box, jump rope, and exercise mat
CAP Barbell Home Gym$689.991 x Fat/Skinny Bar, 4 x plate posts, 4 x weight plate holders, 1 x multi-grip chin-up/pull-up bar
REP 1000 LB Glute Ham Developer$629.993.5"x4.5"x76"h, rock solid base, commercial grade steel frame, adjustable range of motion and foot platform
CozyMobile Premium Power Rack$699.99Bar catches, adjustable weight holder, 12-gauge steel construction, adjustable safety spotter arms, and pull-up bars for various grip positions
Unigear Multifunctional Power Rack$699.99Adjustable spotter arms, pull-up bars, dip bars, and bar catches

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