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Pull-up Bar - 6FT

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Pull-up Bar - 6FT

-tall Again Faster XTE Rig 3.0 (Single Bar, 6ft tall) is designed with performance and durability in mind. The steel rig frame is precise and strong, with solid construction and superior welds throughout to guarantee stability and longevity. The pull-up bar is 83 inches long and has a 1 1/2 inch diameter and a satin chrome finish that meets the highest competitive standard. It comes equipped with four vertical and two horizontal bars for complete expansion, suit for CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. The steel j-cups are regular cups with urethane liners for a secure grip on the bar. The black powder-coat finish affords superior protection from rusting, corrosion, and wear and tear. Additional features include bolt-down V-Locks for added stability, pre-drilled holes for easy mounting, and removable barbell collars for additional safety. For those needing additional space, there is an optional 2ft x 6ft platform which enhances the functionality of the rig and ensures it's both safe and secure. The Again Faster XTE Rig 3.0 (Single Bar, 6ft tall) is ideal for those looking for an extremely reliable rig they can trust through intensive workouts or competitions.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty j-hook uprights for heavy weight storage

• Professional grade mechanics for quality use

• Dual knurled pull-up bars

• ft of width for more room to train

• Spotter arms for improved safety

• Trap bar holder for more weight storage

• Band pegs for resistance band attachments


• Price is high compared to similar products

• Can be complex to set up and assemble

• Does not come equipped with safety straps or latch pins

Who Should Buy


Who should buy this Home Gym Product:

•Those who need a heavy-duty system that can support heavy weight and intense workout

•People who need a fulfilling workout experience in the comfort of their own home

•Athletes who need a safe and secure platform to lift weights

Who should not buy this Home Gym Product:

•Those with limited space who will not be able to accommodate the large structure

•People who do not require a gym for strength training or cardio workouts

•Those unable to invest in an expensive piece of equipment that will require maintenance over time


- Powder Coated Steel construction for superior durability

- Accommodates non-standard t-stud configurations

- Attaches securely to wood studs between 16" to 24" apart

- Allows kipping from 18" to 60" apart

- Adjustable to fit sloped or cathedral ceilings

- Includes 8 screws, 8 washers, & 8 anchors

- Features 2" pull-up handles for support & grip

- Dimensions: 71.25" x 34.25" x 24"

Again Faster - 6ft6ft45lb500lb
Tresanti Fitness5ft12.7lb350lb
Wall Mounted Bar6ft35.2lb440lb

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