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X Training Wallball

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X Training Wallball

The Again Faster XTE WallBall is an all-in-one dynamic wall-mounted medicine ball designed to challenge athletes of all abilities. With a blend of dynamic movements like weightlifting, core strength, and plyometrics, this wallball is perfect for a wide range of workout routines. The ball is made from a resilient rubber material for performance and durability, and is filled with a low-density foam for maximum rebound. The ball size is 14” and it weights 15 pounds, making it a great choice for athletes who are looking for a challenge and to work on their agility and explosiveness. The wall-mounted structure makes it simple to secure the wall ball against a wall or post while also allowing for dynamic movement with an unpredictable bounce. The wallball is designed to absorb shock and reduce stress to connected structures, and the design is able to keep it securely affixed to the wall. The tri-cast pattern further supports the ball against the wall, making it easy to grip and control. This ball is ideal for CrossFit, surfing, gymnastics, basketball, and other general fitness training.

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Pros & Cons


• High-quality Construction

• Variety of sizes and textures

• Natural leather feel

• Push-stitched for enhanced durability

• Long-lasting and weather-resistant


• Expensive price point

• Not machine washable

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• CrossFit Athletes

• High Intensity Interval Trainers

• Those looking for a reliable, durable wallball

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those not needing a high intensity training tool

• Those not looking for a wallball


-Large, 18" diameter ball with 4.0mm rubber construction

-Stitching in the rubber designed to increase grip

-Inner surface of the ball is smooth for complete and dynamic control

-Ideal for wallball, med ball slams, traditional medicine ball throws, and other core exercises

-Weight: 12lb (5.4kg)

-Dimensions: 18" (45.7cm) diameter x 7" (17.7cm) length

Again Faster X Training Wallball14 oz8.6"Yellow$24
Bombshell Wall Ball14 oz9"Octane Blue$20
Rogue Med Ball14 oz9"Red$54
Rep Marathon Medicine Ball14 oz10"Red$45
VTX Wall Ball14 oz8"black$31

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