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BalanceFrom Color Coded Black Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Plate with Steel Hub, 35LB Pair

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BalanceFrom Color Coded Black Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Plate with Steel Hub, 35LB Pair

BalanceFrom's color coded black Olympic weight plates with a steel hub are designed to be heavy-duty, comfortable and easy to use. Constructed from solid steel and rubber, these plates feature a 2-inch steel hub and full-color coding for easy weight recognition. The textured rubber surface is designed for a secure grip when lifting and the ample lip allows for the secure stacking of plates for easy storage. Ideal for Olympic lifts, circuit training and group exercise classes, these plates can be used with bars of up to 2" diameter. The plate's inner diameter of 50.5mm is compatible with most Olympic bars on the market, allowing for full range of motion and consistent lifting. With a weight capacity of 35 lbs. per plate, the black Olympic weight plates can be used alone, or combined with other weight plates to suit any level of strength.


Pros & Cons


• Constructed of Virgin and Recycled Rubber for Durability

• Steel hub design prevents plate deformation and ensures secure fit

• Extra wide 2" opening easily accepts Olympic bars

• Color coded for quick, easy weight identification

• Available in various poundage ranging from 10 to 150 lbs


• High price for a single weight pair

• Weight plates are thicker than others available, reducing weight capacity of weight rack

• Susceptible to damage or wear from regular use

• Limited range of color coding may cause confusion between plates of similar weight

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- High quality steel hub, designed to fit snugly with Olympic barbells.

- Thick and durable rubber plate to resist cracking, rusting, and deformation.

- Textured surface for secure grip when lifting.

- Color-coded for easy identification.

- Perfect for Olympic lifts, squats, deadlifts, power cleans, etc.

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for Olympic barbells with sleeves less than 2” diameter.

- Not suitable if you need to lift more than 350lbs.

- Not suitable if you are not interested in Olympic-style lifting.


- Premium grade rubber material: constructed from premium grade rubber which aids in keeping the floor from damage;

- Encased in virgin and odor-free rubber: encased in odor and virgin-free rubber, enabling you to maintain a clean and scent-free gym environment;

- Steel hub: equipped with a heavy-duty steel hub for a secure fit;

- Color coded: designed to match different weights with its distinct color;

- Weight: 35LB Pair;

- Suitable for both commercial and home gyms;

- Maintenance free.

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