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Amazon Basics Vinyl Kettlebell

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Amazon Basics Vinyl Kettlebell

, 10 Pounds The Amazon Basics Vinyl Kettlebell 10 Pounds is a premium quality piece of fitness equipment designed to help users improve muscle strength, tone and endurance. This heavy-duty kettlebell is made from a durable cast iron with a colorful vinyl finish that makes it easy to distinguish during workouts. The weight has been carefully balanced for a more optimal weight training experience and has securely welded handles for comfortable and secure gripping. With a convenient 10-pound weight, this kettlebell is perfect for exercises such as squats, swings, cleans, and snatches to target major muscle groups. Anti-slip grips are also included for added stability during workouts. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new piece of home gym equipment, this vinyl kettlebell is sure to expand your range of exercises and put you on the fast track to achieving your fitness goals.


Pros & Cons


• Durable PVC Construction for long-lasting use

• Contoured handle for secure grip

• Color-coded for easy weight identification

• Balanced, compact design

• Available in multiple weight sizes


• PVC material may crack over time

• Handle may be too thick for some users

• Weights may not be as accurate as cast iron options

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable and affordable

• Lightweight and easy to store

• Variety of weight sizes to choose from

• Secure grip handle

Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for high-intensity workouts

• Kettlebell not suitable for travel

• Limited color selection


-Weight: 4kg to 20kg

-Material: Vinyl-coated solid iron

-Handle Diameter: 28-35mm

-Dimensions: 11.02-19.6 x 11.02-19.69 x 11.02-20.47 inches (LxWxH)

-Filled with sand for even weight distribution and improved overall stability

-Smooth, stylish, and durable surface

Weight RangePriceDurability
10-50 lbs$14.99 - $44.99Durable Solid Vinyl
8-50 lbs$17.99 - $65.99Solid Cast Vinyl
10-50 lbs$15.99 - $35.99Vinyl Surface
10-50 lbs$18.99 -$39.99Heavy Duty Vinyl

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