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Industrial Tricep Bar

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Industrial Tricep Bar

This industrial tricep bar from Bells of Steel allows you to perfect your arm day with a serious piece of strength equipment. The industrial tricep bar is designed to provide a heavy load for intensive tricep workouts, with a solid steel construction that can hold Olympic weights instead of standard plates. The two-piece construction includes a solid steel shaft with dual-ended sleeves for easy loading of Olympic weights, as well as knurling throughout the handle for superior grip and comfort. With its rigid 11 to 13-inch shaft and 400-pound capacity, this tricep bar is perfect for those who demand plenty of resistance and durability in their workout routine. Featuring a powder-coated finish for superior protection against rust, this barbell is an ideal choice for commercial gyms and other demanding environments.


Pros & Cons


• Constructed using high-grade steel

• Hard, abrasive chrome finish is rust and corrosion resistant

• Specialised knurling offers optimal grip

• Angle of barbell specifically designed for tricep exercises

• Fairly affordable compared to other industrial-strength bars


• Not suitable for Olympic weightlifting

• Can be quite heavy

• Barbell is only available with one grip angle and knurling pattern

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Heavy duty construction

- Multiple grip positions for optimal usage

- Versatile barbell for full body workouts

- Available in multiple colors

Should Not Buy:

- Smaller size - will not accommodate taller individuals

- Expensive price tag

- Difficult assembly process


-Made from high-grade steel

-41" long for a variety of exercise options

-3.48" diameter grip for comfortable use

-500lbs static load capacity

-Knurled handle for added grip

-Weighs 23lbs


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