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Conventional Deadlift Bar By StrongArm

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Conventional Deadlift Bar By StrongArm

The Bells of Steel Conventional Deadlift Bar is a must-have addition to any weightlifting enthusiast’s home gym. This bar is designed for heavy lifts like deadlifts, bent rows, and bicep curls, thanks to its convex handle design, 200,000-PSI tensile strength steel construction, and optimal knurling pattern. The combination of these features ensures a secure and controlled grip, ensuring maximum performance and safety during each lift. This bar measures in at 2200mm x 25mm for a total load capacity of 600 pounds, meaning it can handle even the heaviest of deadlift lifts. It also comes pre-loaded with precision-machined bronze bushings and a snap ring lock collar, helping to provide a smooth rotation without the need to constantly retighten. For those looking to maintain a clean and organized home gym, this bar also features a black zinc finish that helps provide rust-resistance and a slick look, sure to impress anyone looking to set up their own home gym. Overall, the Bells of Steel Conventional Deadlift Bar is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality bar for deadlift and other heavy lifting movements. It provides all the essential features for safe and effective lifts, and its price is quite reasonable for the level of quality it offers.


Pros & Cons


• Aggressive knurling for better grip

• Flexible bar to absorb shock from max-effort lifts

• Accommodates heavy deadlift weight

• Compatible with Olympic and regular plates

• High quality steel


• Doesn’t allow for a wide grip deadlift

• No center whip

• Limited availability

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Good knurling on bar

• Hardened chrome sleeves for increased durability

• 28.5mm diameter bar for better deadlift grip

• Double-snap ring for a more secure end

• Reasonable price

Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a max-load barbell

• Those who want more color and design options

• Those who prefer barbells with more whip to them

• Those who need higher-capacity Olympic weightlifting bars


• Steel Construction

• 28 mm Bar Diameter

• 190K PSI Tensile Strength

• 20 KG Weight

• Knurled Handle for Grip

• 1300 mm Bar Length

• Compatible with Olympic Weight Plates

• Zinc Finished Bar

• Machined Sleeves

• 2.2 mm of Knurl depth

• 910mm spacing between the collar

Bells of Steel Conventional Deadlift Bar By StrongArmSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
29mm Diameter28mm Diameter29mm Diameter28.5mm Diameter
Handles spaced 79.5cmHandles spaced 82.5cmHandles spaced 79.9cmHandles spaced 81cm
190k PSI tensile strength190K PSI tensile strength200k PSI tensile strength195k PSI tensile strength
Knurling depth & spacing: medium depthKnurling depth & spacing: mediumKnurling depth & spacing: aggressiveKnurling depth & spacing: medium-deep
81.25" bar length79.5" bar length81.5" bar length80" bar length

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