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Cardio Machine Floor Mats

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Cardio Machine Floor Mats

BellofSteel's Cardio Machine Floor Mats provide an ideal solution for exercise equipment and the flooring beneath. These floor mats protect the floors from sweat, dirt, and oils that can accumulate from a hard-working workout routine. Their high-quality material is both durable and long-lasting, making them a great option for any home or gym. The mats are also designed to reduce noise, which is ideal for any quiet environment. With their easy-to-assemble design, these mats can be put together quickly and conveniently. They also provide excellent resistance against wear and tear, and their non-slip surface ensures safety. These mats are easy to clean and have a sleek, finished look that blends into any environment. They are an excellent choice for any home or gym, as they provide a comfortable, protective surface for your cardio machines. They can also be moved and stored easily, perfect for those who need to switch up their workout space.



Pros & Cons


• Durable design with a reinforced top layer

• Slip-resistant and shock absorbent

• Easy to assemble and disassemble

• Perfect for a variety of surfaces

• Non-toxic, PVC-free Construction

• Excellent air floor cushioning

• Non-marking and anti-slip

• Shock absorbent and noise reducing


• Not long lasting; may need to be replaced often

• May not be ideal for heavier weight machines

• Not ideal for hardwood floors

• More expensive than other mats on the market

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Easy to clean surface

• Soft and comfortable to use

• Non-toxic and odour free

• Protects equipment and floors

• Durable and long-lasting

Should Not Buy:

• If you are looking for specific dimensions

• If you have allergies to PVC plastic products

• If you need soundproofing capabilities

• If you need to cover large areas


- Each mat measures 2’ x 6’ (72” x 24”)

- 1/4” thickness

- Durable high-density closed cell foam

- Textured slip-resistant surface

- Protects floors from scratches and noise

- Shock-absorbing design reduces impact

- Max weight capacity is 350lbs per mat

- Weatherproof and anti-stain

- Easy to clean and maintain


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