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Turf – Synthetic Grass

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Turf – Synthetic Grass

The Bells of Steel Turf is an ideal, all-in-one solution for workout flooring for any strength training setup. This 14.8 square foot mat is made of thick, un-backed turf to provide a simulated grass surface so that you can perform any number of movements or drills while still having the comfort and protection of a padded surface. This top of the line turf is designed to provide strong shock absorbency and be long-lasting, providing a durable matting solution even with heavy use. The turf also features a non-slip design so that you feel supported and secure while moving on the mat, allowing you to stay safe without worry. You can use the turf as a surface for lifting, or as a gym or fitness area. The turf is easy to maintain and care for, and comes with a carrying case so you can easily transport it for maximum convenience. In addition, the turf comes with an accompanying 10mm closed-cell foam base layer for extra cushion and protection from hard surfaces. The Bells of Steel Turf is a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable workout flooring solution with a host of benefits. Its thick, un-backed turf design makes it both comfortable and durable, as well as providing strong shock absorbency. The non-slip design and 10mm closed-cell foam base layer offer extra protection from hard surfaces while still allowing you to stay supported and secure. With a carrying case included, it is easy to transport and maintain.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to install.

• Highly durable.

• Offers excellent traction even when wet.

• Helps reduce impact and shock from activities like jumping and running.

• Popular for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

• Budget-friendly.

• Low maintenance.


• Not environmentally friendly since it's made from artificial materials.

• The turf may become quite hot in direct sunlight.

• Excess moisture can damage the turf.

• May create dust and dirt when used for long periods of time.

Who Should Buy


• Quality product - Bells of Steel's Turf is made with heavy-duty crumb rubber padding and is available in two thickness options for durability.

• Multipurpose - Customers can use the Turf for a variety of activities, from weight lifting to plyometrics to stretching.

• Anti-slip surface - Bells of Steel's Turf is designed with a non-slip surface for safety.

Should Not:

• Limited use - Unless the customer needs a Turf for multiple workouts, this purchase may be a bit of an extravagance for them.

• High price - Bells of Steel's Turf can cost up to several hundred dollars, which may be out of some customer's budgets.

• Large size - This product is quite large and is not recommended for those without a lot of storage space.


• Strong and durable 28 oz synthetic turf

• Weatherproof and agronomically formed backing

• Measurements: 48” wide x 27’ long

• Includes 2 cm (¾”) thick foam padding

• Infill: crumb rubber or No infill

• Non-flammable

• Weight ± 73 lbs

• Made in Canada

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