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Fitness Sandbag Custom Set

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Fitness Sandbag Custom Set

The Bells of Steel Fitness Sandbag Custom Set is the perfect item for athletes looking to make a serious investment in their fitness. The set includes one 25 lb., two 45 lb., and one 65 lb. sandbags, allowing you to progress at your own pace and customize your workouts to your desired difficulty level. The durable sandbags are built to last, utilizing heavy-duty polyester and a double-stitched construction to ensure maximum weight support. Additionally, each sandbag features an ergonomic design with an adjustable handle and belt structure, which ensures increased stability for a variety of exercises. The innovative structure prevents the sandbag from slipping or shifting during use, enabling users to get the most out of their workouts. Aside from weight training, these sandbags are excellent for flexibility exercises and core work. They are also great for outdoor activities, as they can be filled with sand or even water to provide extra challenge. The Bells of Steel Fitness Sandbag Custom Set is an invaluable addition to any strength-training program. With this set, athletes can tailor their customizable sets to their own fitness goals, providing them with the ability to strengthen, tone, and build muscle using the same pieces of equipment.

  • 50lb Fitness Sandbag

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  • 100lb Fitness Sandbag

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  • 150lb Fitness Sandbag

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  • 200lb Fitness Sandbag

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  • 250lb Fitness Sandbag

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  • 300lb Fitness Sandbag

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  • 350lb Fitness Sandbag

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  • 400lb Fitness Sandbag

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Pros & Cons


• Customizable to fit individual needs

-High-quality Construction

• Wide range of uses

• Portable and space-saving

• Easily adjustable to increase or decrease resistance levels

• Designed to remain comfortable and balanced while exercising


• Not suitable for more intense strength exercises

• Slight risk of leakage due to sand

• Difficult to clean in comparison to other weights and equipment

• Can be expensive depending on customization features

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

• People who are looking for a versatile home/outdoor fitness equipment

• People who want to add different types of exercises to their workout routines

• People who are looking to combine resistance training with calisthenics

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

• People who are looking for a machine-based workout

• People who want to do a traditional gym routine

• People who are only interested in doing cardio exercises


-Made from Cordura fabric that is resistant to rips and tears

-Filled with clean, kiln-dried silica sand

-Contains one (1) large fitness sandbag, one (1) medium fitness sandbag, and one (1) small fitness sandbag

-Each bag features a durable double-stitched bag closure to fill and seal

-Each bag is individually sized and adjustable in weight from 5-50 pounds

-Two external grab handles for easy transition between exercises

-Reinforced triple stitch seams for superior strength & durability

-Exceptional grip and control during exercises

Sand FillingDurabilityMax Load Capacity
Fine-grain sandMilitary polyester with durable polyester stitching
Filtered sandHeavy-duty non-tear 1000 denier material
Customized sand blendReinforced double stitching on 1000 denier construction material
SandTriple-stitched construction on heavy-duty material

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