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Resistance Band Custom Set

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Resistance Band Custom Set

The Bells of Steel Resistance Band Custom Set is a versatile and affordable way to get in a great workout. The set includes 5 extra-heavy bands made of the highest grade of latex, along with full-sized padded handles, a door anchor, and a great carrying bag. The bands range in resistance from 10-80lbs, all in one convenient package, allowing you to customize your workouts to your needs. The handles are ergonomically designed with comfortable foam padding and heavy-duty steel rings that slide easily to adjust the bands' tension. The door anchor makes it easy to attach the bands to any door, wall, or other secure anchor point, adding versatility to your workout. Finally, the included lightweight carrying bag that makes it easy to take your workout wherever you go. With the flexibility to create a range of workouts and the convenience to take it anywhere, the Bells of Steel Resistance Band Custom Set is sure to help you get the most out of your workouts.

  • White Skinny Resistance Band

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  • Red Mini Resistance Band

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  • Black Slim Resistance Band

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  • Purple Light Resistance Band

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  • Green Average Resistance Band

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  • Blue Strong Resistance Band

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Pros & Cons


• Durable and stretchable bands that can accommodate a wide variety of levels of resistance

• Designed for multiple different purposes such as weightlifting, resistance training and body toning

• Includes a range of different bands, handles and ankle straps, providing additional versatility

• Portable and easy to carry around and set up


• Pricey compared to standard resistance bands

• Bands might require some adjustment depending on the user's individual height and size

• Selecting which bands and handles to include can be a bit confusing for first-time users

Who Should Buy

✔Should buy:

-Excellent source of natural resistance for workouts

-Wide selection of bands allows for increased strength progressions

-Bands are made of quality rubber for durable performance

-Affordable option for a custom fitness setup

❌Should not buy:

-Looking for an overall lightweight workout

-Prefer traditional weightlifting equipment

-Seeking an apparatus for a specific type of exercise

-Non-athletes on a budget


• Includes 5 resistance bands with varying weights: Light (green), Medium (blue), Heavy (yellow), Extra Heavy (red), and Super Heavy (black)

• Contain metal clips which help you to easily attach the bands to your ankle straps or door anchors

• Durable and Eco-friendly natural latex materials

• Your purchase includes an exercise manual and quick reference guide

• Steel carabiners hold the bands securely in place

Points of ComparisonBells of Steel Resistance Band Custom SetProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Length4 bands at 41''3 bands at 41''5 bands at 36''4 bands at 48''
Resistance LevelVariable – crossover bands, up to 100 lbs15-35 lbs10-30 lbs10-50 lbs
TypeLatex crossover bandsFabric bandsFabric bandsFabric bands

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