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Belt Squat / Lever Arms – Power Rack Attachment

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Belt Squat / Lever Arms – Power Rack Attachment

The Belt Squat Power Rack Attachment from Bells of Steel is a powerful exercise accessory that gives you a great way to add a lower body workout to your existing power rack. The unit is easy to attach to the side of your power rack, allowing you to do a variety of belt squat exercises without needing to buy an entire system. The unit itself is made from strong steel, designed to hold up to a maximum of 250 pounds of weight. It also has adjustable heights from 38 inches to 56 inches to accommodate users of different heights. The belt squat attachment allows you to use a belt to hang your bodyweight so that a full range of motion can be achieved. It also has two built-in foot braces for a more secure leg position. The two adjustable pin-pulley arms provide for a more precise range of motion and adjustability in height. The Bells of Steel Belt Squat Power Rack Attachment is a great accessory for anyone looking to add a lower body workout to their existing power rack. The adjustable heights and pin-pulley arms make it a great way to target the lower body muscles without overloading the joints or spine. With its durable construction and 250-pound weight limit, this attachment is sure to last you a long time.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to install

• Allows for full range of motion with lifting exercises

• Hinged attaching plate for secure fit

• Adjustable height to accommodate different users

• Heavy duty and durable


• Can be expensive

• Lower weight capacity than other types of belt squat attachments on the market

• Not suitable for use as a power rack attachment without additional accessories

• Assembly can be challenging for some users

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- Those looking for an efficient way to add a belt squat machine to their home gym

- Those who enjoy total-body workouts

- Those who want to build strength quickly

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who don't have a home gym setup

- Those who already have a belt squat option

- Those who prefer machine-based workouts instead of free weights.


•Compatible with many power rack and squat racks

•Fully adjustable height and width

•Plug and play assembly

•Heavy-duty steel construction

•Includes quick detach pins for easy dismounting

•Adjustable range of motion

•Compatible with double-handled belts

•Holds up to 600 lbs.

•Half-inch polyurethane roller pad for a smooth ride

Brand/ProductWidthHeightMaterialWeight Capacity
Bells of Steel Belt Squat / Lever Arms – Power Rack Attachment58.5 in97.5 in2" x 3" 11 gauge steel600 lbs
Rogue Belt Squat48 in84 in2" x 3" 11 gauge steel1000 lbs
Titan Fitness Belt Squat37 in75.5 in2" x 3" 11 gauge steel800 lbs
Valor Fitness BD-6261 in96 in2" x 3" 11 gauge steel400 lbs
Body Solid WB-PRBA56 in96 in2" x 2" 11 gauge steel500 lbs

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