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Hanging Ab Straps

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Hanging Ab Straps

The Bells of Steel Hanging AB Straps are a great accessory for any strength-training enthusiast. Made from heavy-duty ultra-strong nylon, these straps provide a stable, dependable platform for performing abdominal exercises such as hanging leg lifts, hanging knee raises, and more. They’re complete with comfortable neoprene padding for extra support and a secure grip. The straps feature steel carabiners to ensure secure attachment to a rack or gym station, and the adjustable straps provide a customizable fit for any user size and exercise. Additionally, the AB straps are reinforced with reinforced stitching and are machine washable for long-lasting performance. With the Hanging AB Straps, Bells of Steel empowers you to unleash strength, build muscle, and maintain your physique with an extra dose of intensity.


Pros & Cons


• High-quality Construction - made of strong steel and a thick layer of foam padding for extra comfort.

• Adjustable length allows user to customize the straps for maximum efficiency and convenience.

• Versatile design - can be used for a variety of moves and exercises that target the core and can help improve posture, stability, and general fitness.


• Straps may be too long for some users, leading to an awkward range of motion.

• Costly - the price tag may be too much for some buyers.

• Limited range of exercises - they can't replace a full set of gym equipment and can only be used for select core exercises.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Anyone looking to add an extra core exercise to their workouts

- People looking to increase lower-body and abdominals strength and stability

- Individuals who want to add an extra challenge to their pull-ups

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those with specific gym equipment already available

- Those who do not want to add extra core exercises to their workouts

- People who are satisfied with their current level of lower-body and abdominals strength and stability


-Made of durable woven polyester

-Built-in loop and neoprene cushion for comfort

-Weight capacity of 250 lbs

-5 ft adjustable straps

-Hardware for mounting included

ProductWeight CapacityPrice
Bells of Steel Hanging Ab Straps440lbs$17.99
Schiek Ab Strap1000lbs$24.99
GoBeast Pull Up Assist Bands1000lbs$15.99
NAYAYA Abdominal Hanging Trainer400lbs$29.99
XTELARY Ab Straps440lbs$19.99